Orgasms are good for the body, the mind and the soul, so it’s important to invest in the right tools for the job. Most ladies out there will probably have a few sex toys lying under their beds, and there’s no doubt that there’s probably a vibrator or two...

Happy Rabbit Mini Ears Clitoral Vibe Review

If you go peeking down a rabbit hole, you're sure to find a Happy Rabbit, as well as a happy woman. From ears to...

Ultimate Guide to Personal Lubricants – Reviews, Ingredients, and Facts You Must Know

Although purchasing a new lubricant isn't as thrilling or as exciting as buying a new sex toy, they can improve your bedroom endeavours in...
cheapest sex swing

Best Sex Swings & How To Use Them

We've all seen movie sex scenes where the man picks the woman up, has her up against the wall and in all sorts of...

The Ultimate Guide to Safe Shower Sex

There is something exciting about the idea of jumping in the shower with your partner for a quickie, but the reality is that one...

Should You Keep The Lights On During Sex? Yes!

Speaking for the general female (and male) population, we all have insecurities about our bodies, from our 'jiggly tummy' to our 'double chins', and...

The Art of Female Masturbation

Whether you're entirely new to this, or a pro who just wants some ideas to switch it up a bit, female masturbation is not...

Best Kegel Balls For Beginners

Gone are the days of putting up signs saying 'NO BALL GAMES'; now we're all about them. Not only are they pleasurable but they're...

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