If you’re a sensual person by nature and enjoy intimacy and personal time with your partner then prepare yourself for some of my insight on tips and products that will surely enhance your sex life. It's likely that using coconut oil as lubricant never even crossed your mind! Enjoying your...

Best Sex Pillows For Couples And Solo Play

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Taking Sex Out Of The Bedroom

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Everything You Need To Know About Ovulation

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Best Remote Control Vibrating Knickers – Read Before You Buy In 2020!

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Bondage Guide For Beginners

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Foreplay Tips To Spice Up You Sex Life

Hold your horses, and slow down a little, its time to get to grips of just how vital foreplay actually is when it comes...

The Art of Female Masturbation

Whether you're entirely new to this, or a pro who just wants some ideas to switch it up a bit, female masturbation is not...

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