Best Kegel Balls For Beginners

Gone are the days of putting up signs saying ‘NO BALL GAMES’; now we’re all about them. Not only are they pleasurable but they’re also good for you – hooray! What more of an excuse do you need to go out and purchase them? If you’re scratching your head thinking what the heck are kegel balls, wonder no longer, as we’re here to give you the rundown on what they are, how to use them, and which ones to buy. Whether it be childbirth, age, or just generally wanting a tighter vagina, kegel balls are the way to go.

What are Kegel Balls?

Pelvic floor balls, also known as kegel balls, jiggle balls, Ben Wa Balls etc., are weighted balls on string/rope/plastic, that are inserted inside your vagina, to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and intensify your orgasms. All you have to do is pop them in and let them work their magic on you. They feel amazing when you’re walking about, and can really build you up for some intense intercourse later on. The weighted balls move around, toning your pelvic floor and tickling your G- Spot; it’s our guilty pleasure with an added health benefit, whats not to love about that? There are so many available, so you can really shop around. If you don’t fancy having a browse, we’ve listed some of our favourites down below.

What are the health benefits of Kegel Balls?

Let’s leave the pleasure out of this for a moment and really focus on the health benefit of using pelvic floor balls (I know, we’re shocked we wrote that too!). So whether or not you’ve been hit by having slight incontinence, the matter of fact is that in the future this will become an issue for you, especially after giving birth, and aging. So to ensure that you keep everything down there working as it should, you should try and incorporate pelvic floor exercises and kegel balls into your daily routine, to ensure those potential issues never become a reality. And if they do, know that they can be fixed by following our guide on how to use kegel balls.

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Once inserted the weighted balls act like any other weight you’d use in a gym, they build up your muscle, while doing very little. Not only can they be used to help with any bladder-related issues you have, they also intensify sexual intercourse by helping to get sensation back in your vaginal walls, and tightening the walls so you get to feel every stroke.

How to use Kegel Balls

Start by adding a generous amount of water-based lube to the Kegel Balls. You’ll need the lube to help them glide in without causing any friction. Lie back, bend your knees up, relax, and insert them. Once they’re inserted, leave them, and be sure that you don’t push them up too far towards your cervix, as you want to be able to get them out easily. There are three styles of exercise you can do to help build your pelvic floor muscles.

  1. In a sitting position with your legs closed, tense your pelvic floor muscles (imagine trying to hold in a wee) and repeat this ten times, three times a day if possible.
  2. Stand up with your legs shoulder-width apart and hold your pelvic floor muscles as you’re doing this. Keep your muscles tight else the kegel balls will fall out! Once you build your muscles up you can try doing other activities like washing up, or taking a shower. Just remember to keep the muscles tense, as you don’t want them falling out and landing you in an awkward encounter!
  3. While holding your Kegel Balls in place, place your feet wide apart and get into the squatting position. This combines both standing and sitting. This is a great exercise, but definitely one for the more experienced user.

Once you’re finished, just insert a finger to grip the string and pull them out slowly. Wash with warm water and mild soap, and put away until you next want to use them.

Kegel balls come in different weights, so if you find that these exercises are too easy, upgrade to a more substantial weight!

Do Kegel Balls really work?

Although no clinical study has been performed on Kegel Balls (we’ll be first in line if they need volunteers), independent studies have proven that just using Kegel Balls alone can increase vaginal tightness, so by adding it with your usual pelvic floor exercises and you and your vagina will feel brand new again. Repeat your Kegel Ball exercises three times a week and sooner than expected you, or your partner, will feel the new and improved vagina at work!

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Side effects of Kegel Balls

If used correctly and in the vagina only, there are no known adverse effects of using them. The Kegel Balls can only go as far as your cervix, so if they do become a little stuck, just relax your muscles and they should come out with ease.

The only health concerns that have come up are infections from not keeping the Kegel Balls clean, so please ensure they are washed after every use.

Never use Kegel Balls in the anus, especially with the number of alternatives for anal stimulation that are available. That would be an awkward doctors appointment if they were to get stuck!

Please note: Speak to your doctor before using Kegel Balls if you’ve had any type of vaginal surgery.

Let’s get to the fun part; Our top 5 Kegel Balls

Lovehoney Main Squeeze Double Kegel Balls

First on our list and for all the right reasons. These Kegel Balls are the perfect way to start your pelvic floor work out. They’re smooth and do the job perfectly. Not only do they work your muscles, added with lube they add arousal when you’re walking about. They come with a loop so you can quickly remove them when needed, and they’re comfortable to wear. This all adds up to a more intensified orgasm and a tighter vagina. They also come with a guide on how to use them. Latex and Phthalates free, and are also submersible.

Nalone Miu Miu Remote Control USB Rechargeable Vibrating Kegel Balls

Now, this is one for the pros. If you’re serious about tightening up, but also want a bit of extra fun, this is the product for you. If the title hasn’t sold it to you, then let us. Boasting seven stimulating vibrating patterns for either you or your partner to use on you, with a 10-metre radius, you can use these all around the house. Choose between gentle vibrations to help along with your exercising, or increase those vibrations for some fun foreplay. It comes with a beautiful satin bag to keep it in, USB cable so you never have to worry about it running out while you’re away, and whisper like vibrations that no one will be able to hear, adding to that extra thrill if you’re brave enough to venture outside with them. Not to mention you get to pick between pink and purple. This is one of our ultimate favourites here at My Little Pleasure. Latex and phthalate free, and fully submersible.

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Fifty Shades of Grey Beyond Aroused Kegel Balls Set

This is unquestionably one to go on the list. This set comes with six different weight combinations, enabling you to work through your exercises without having to purchase a new set every time. The ball weight options are 15g, 25g, 35g, and 55g, so you can match them to your experience level. They can easily be inserted and removed with its silicone string. Another great set to help you reach that fantastic climax, at the same time as tightening your walls. Latex and Phthalate free, and fully submersible.

Oscillating textured Duo Ben Wa Balls

Sure, they’re simple Kegel Balls, but the added texture makes for an amazing internal stimulation, therefore we had to put them on our list. Great for beginners with their simplicity, but still provide arousal. We used them with some water-based lube (like you should with all Kegel Balls) and the feeling was incredible. With the balls being free roaming, it really added to the experience. Latex and Phthalate free, fully submersible, and made from skin-safe rubber that is easily cleaned.

Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Toner Balls

With a name that has Supersex in it, how could we not be tempted? We were glad we did, as we were very pleased after. It does everything it says. With an insertable length of 7 inches and girth of 4.5 inches, we really felt these worked well. These Kegel Balls are promised to increase your sensation and tighten you up to make sure you’re hitting that all-time climax you deserve. Made from hypoallergenic silicone, latex and phthalate free, and submersible.

Final Thoughts

So there we have our introduction to Pelvic Floor Balls, how to use them, and our top 5 picks. Now get yourself some and start your journey to a tighter, and more intense orgasm.

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