Best Sex Pillows For Couples And Solo Play

It’s time to get a little deeper into your sex life, and not with the greatest dildos or wands; this time its sex pillows. Now don’t overlook the simplicity of a good pillow, picking yourself up a wedge will unlock a whole lot more pleasure which you didn’t realise awaited you.

We’ve all been there, grabbing the nearest cushion to get a little height or a little comfort but it never quite does the job, but by using a wedge it’ll give you the height, comfort, and support you need. Don’t dismiss these essential pillows just because they’re not the next big ten-speed insertable vibrating dildo, these are an absolute must and can get you some next level penetration. Below we have listed what we think are the best sex pillows on the market, but if you’d like more information on them, then please keep reading!

What is a sex pillow?

Sex pillows are specifically designed pillows that can support your weight and hold your body in just the right position to max out your pleasure. Rather than getting you a good nights sleep, these pillows will keep you up all night. They tend to have removable covers for easy cleaning, and also pockets to attach your vibrators to making them perfect for solo or couple play. There are a variety of shapes and sizes depending on what you need it for, but wedges tend to be more popular as you’re able to use them in almost all positions. The cores of the pillows are made from a hard foam making for a comfortable lay, but still strong enough to take the weight of two people.

Why use a sex pillow?

Its familiar knowledge that if we raise our hips, you can get deeper penetration, but using normal pillows doesn’t quite have the right effect (as well as being unhygienic). We’ve also all been in the dreaded situation of just not being able to get in the right position, someone gets a cramp, or you want to reach just that little bit deeper, well using a sex wedge will eliminate all your troubles. The memory foam supports you or your partner, enabling both of you to have some smooth sailing sex without the need for painkillers and breaks.

Different type of sex pillows

There are a few different types of sex pillow available on the market, each one with designed for a different need of the user. We’ve broken them down so you can get a good idea of which one would suit your needs best.

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Cushion mount

This one is quite standard. Usually very plain looking and used for just a little support for those tricky positions. These still have the foam core and can support the weight of two people. You can get bondage cushions that come with attached handcuffs if you fancy spicing things up a little. You can get mounts that have attachments for dildos and vibrators making these a favourite among solo players.


The wedge is perfect for raising hips to allow for deeper penetration, as well as making an ideal companion for doggy style. The wedge is a staple in your sex toy collection, and an excellent versatile starting point if you’re unsure of what you want from a pillow.

Ramp and wedge

The best of them all is the ramp and wedge pillows. These are used for all-around pleasure. They come apart, enabling you to get them in the position you desire, taking the strain off you and your partner’s bodies, so you’re able to focus on the more essential parts.

What pillows to use with what position

The deep plunge – Using the wedge, lie on your back with the wedge under your hips, allowing your partner to get deeper access. This position is also perfect for oral as it takes the strain away from your partner’s neck and gives better access to the goods.

Doggy style – Using a wedge or mount, position the pillow either under your hips (if using the wedge) or between your legs (if using the mount) and allow the pillows to take the weight of your body. You can also attach a vibrator to give you a double dose of pleasure.

The reverse cowgirl – Using the ramp and wedge with the higher end under your partners head and the lower part under your knees, straddle your partner on your hands and knees facing the opposite directions. This works perfectly by lining you and your partner up and allowing you to get deeper penetration and stay in the right position. This is one of our favourites at MLP.

Our favourite sex pillows

Liberator Humphrey

best sex pillow

First on our list is the Humphrey mount pillow, a versatile staple in any toy collection. As to be expected from Liberator, the Humphrey will be one of the best things to happen to your sex life. Although this can be used as a pillow to hold you or your partner up, you see its full potential when you attach your favourite toy to it. It has a double pocket allowing for dildo and vibrators to be used at the same time. The new Liberator design now enables users to attach wands and fleshlights, making it a crowd-pleaser for both male and females.

The pocket allows the use of any toys with a circumference up to 11 Inches, larger toys will have to be inserted at an angle, but you don’t miss out on any of the pleasure. Because of the strong core and size, you can have your pillow in any position you wished from a chair shape to being squished between your knees. The responsive core adjusts to your body, supporting both you and your partner. The length is 34 Inches and has a width of 20 inches, so you’re never short of space when riding your favourite toy.

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One of the things we love about this mount is that it’s incredibly light for its size, making it easily movable, and because of its squishy inside, it makes it so simple to store away. The pillowcase is removable and easy to clean, and the inside foam is covered in a waterproof layer (not removable) to protect it from any accidental spills. The Humphrey comes vacuum packed, so the package isn’t too large when it arrives, and expands to its real size once removed.

Liberator Red

Ok so we have another Liberator on the list, but it’s hard not to due to their flawless designs that fit every shape and size perfectly — this time its the turn on the red wedge. The wedge will have you and your partner perfecting every sexual position like a pro from the moment you first use it.

Gone are the days where you have to suffer aches and cramps while trying to reach the good spots, now you can lie back and let the wedge take your weight and let you focus on the more essential parts. The 27 Degree angle is perfect for opening up your hips and allowing for deeper penetration and G spot pleasure. Because of its design, the Red makes a surprisingly good oral companion, stopping those neck and leg cramps and allowing better access. Like the others, the wedge has a removable case for easy cleaning and comes vacuum packaged on delivery.

Inflatable Position Master

Sometimes a sex toy is so good it becomes a road trip must have, so why miss out on the wedge as well? The inflatable sex wedge by Fetish Fantasy is the perfect addition for those romantic weekends away. Because this wedge is inflatable, it can be stored away without taking up much room, making this a must-have for those who are short of storage space, or simply want to hide it more discreetly.

The cushion itself has a velvet outside, which is incredibly soft to the touch but also gives the user a little more grip, although this isn’t removable so be mindful of those spills. The inside of the wedge is made from robust and durable plastic lining which can support up to 21st in weight. On either side, you will find handles to keep you in position, which was one of our favourite additions as its rarely seen among wedges. Once we had this inflated, we discovered that under-inflating in slightly gave us a little more comfort, although this will depend on your preference. It doesn’t come with a pump, though because of the size you could get away with not using one and blowing it up by mouth if you needed it.

Ultra Inflatable Position Master

If you found the inflatable position master a little on the small side, and you wanted a wedge that both partners can utilise then it’s worth getting yourself the larger position master by Fetish Fantasy.

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This wedge holds all the same great qualities of the original, just larger. It can still support up to 21st, though this will be shared between two users if both are using it as support. Like the previous, it comes with handles on the side, but the Ultra has two extra, which allows for deeper, more precise penetration. Because it’s a lot larger, it does take up more space when storing but still a reasonable size. The Ultra allows you to get in any position you please and will magnify the pleasure for both you and your partner.

Inflatable Ride on

If you’re a fan of the inflatables, then Fetish Fantasy has another card up their sleeve for you, the inflatable ride on cushion. Made with solo play in mind, this cushion will blow you away.

It comes with a six-inch vibrating dildo already attached so you can place this little pleasure machine between your legs and let it work its magic. Because the ride on is inflatable, you’re easily able to increase or decrease its pressure to get yourself the most comfortable riding position. The dildo is made from PVC and has a realistic shape, including veins for added pleasure. Attached to the pillow, you will find a remote that allows you to work your way through the blissful vibration patterns which will get you well on your way to a heavenly orgasm. Unfortunately, like the previous inflatables, this one doesn’t come with a pump, so please take that into consideration when picking yourself up one.

Final thoughts on pillows for sex

Hopefully, this guide has given you the knowledge that you need in order to select the best sex pillow for your needs. By choosing any from the list above, you can be sure to get a fantastic product that will increase your enjoyment in the bedroom! If you do buy one, please let us know, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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