Ensuring Stress Doesn’t Affect Your Sex Life

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to have sex, due to the rush of happy brain chemicals it releases, like endorphins. However, for those with a busy schedule, thinking about the tasks due in the coming week in the office can sometimes not put you in the mood. What’s even worse is that feeling stressed can make you stress out about not being in the mood for sex with your partner, which can add even more stress to the situation!

Don’t fret! Put away all those stress self-help books and read the following strategies we have outlined below to overcome stress once and for all.

Coping With Bedroom Stress

Some of these won’t help everyone, but following these tips and tricks will definitely help to trick your brain into stopping it getting in the way of enjoying sex.

Start Moving

Exercise is a fantastic counter for stress. It triggers your brain to release chemicals that will naturally make you feel happier and more relaxed. You can also choose more energetic activities like boxing or Zumba, to really help you get your frustration out.

Make Time and Make Space

Life has never been busier. Modern day life is very complex, as the thin line between work and recreational times blurs and dwindles every year. Even reading work emails at home, even if you aren’t expected to reply, can put a downer on your evening. Stress doesn’t have to be work-related; clutter around the house can also subconsciously add stress.

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Make an effort to make your bedroom a place for sexual activities only, and not a place binge watch Netflix or spend hours on your phone. When you leave all other distractions at the door, you will automatically associate your bedroom with one of two things: sleep and sex.

Practice Makes Perfect

Stopping yourself feeling thinking about something by telling yourself not to is pretty challenging, but if you are finding that your thoughts are wandering during sex, a little bit of practice may do wonders. There are lots of mind-focusing exercises available out there, which will undoubtedly help to rekindle the focus within yourself, as well as your partners focus, the next time you are planning on having intimate relations.

Sex Isn’t The Only Answer

The number one stress causing activity for couples is disappointing your partner sexually. While the inability to become lubricated or dealing with erectile problems can be solved in several ways, the way you structure how you think of sex can also help.

Sensual massage, mutual masturbation, or even watching your partner use their favourite sex toy, can alleviate stress without causing any more of it. If the reason for your stress is penetrative sex, then the best option is to simply not do it. Once the cause of the stress has been rectified, then sex can be added back in, once you are both in a good place. Also, a significant amount of foreplay may be exactly what is required too, so it’s a win-win!