Foreplay Tips To Spice Up You Sex Life

Hold your horses, and slow down a little, its time to get to grips of just how vital foreplay actually is when it comes to sexual connection with your partner. Foreplay, unfortunately, is something that is looked passed far too often; we get excited in the moment and want to jump straight to the good stuff. But what happens when we slow down and take it step by step? Does foreplay really have that much of an effect? It turns out it does, and we’re here to share some of the secrets to some exciting ways to spice up your foreplay.

Why foreplay?

Ignoring the fact that it feels incredible, there are plenty of reasons why you should include foreplay in those frisky moments with your partner; the most important reason is how connected it can make you with your partner. Sharing something intimate, such as this, can bring you both closer together as you learn sexual likes and dislikes of one another.

Another reason not to skip this step is that is that on average it takes a male roughly 3 minutes of intercourse to ejaculate, whereas it takes a female at least double that to reach climax. So including foreplay into your evening can help ensure you both reach climax without leaving anyone else behind.

Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your foreplay.

Start it off early

Got some spare time on your lunch break? Why not send your partner a risky picture to let him know you’re thinking of him, or send some suggestive texts even if its just to tell him you can’t wait to have him later, just having that thought in his head will have his mind racing.

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If you’re a little braver, and you’re somewhere where you can get away with this, why not try out some vibrating knickers or remote control love eggs and hand the controls over to your partner. Lets him tease you before you even set eyes on him, the teasing will become intense and exciting for the both of you.

Switch the roles up

If you’re usually the more submissive type, try changing it up and take control of the moment, tell him exactly what you want him to do to you, or guide his hands where you want them. Not only will this mean that all your turn-ons get hit, but it will also show him another side to you which is bound to drive him crazy.

If this isn’t for you, then try introducing role play, dress up in something sexy or kinky, whatever fantasy you both have, try exploring it. You can either plan this if its something entirely new to you we advise that you speak to your partner about this beforehand, not only to find out what they like but to also find out what they don’t like. The last thing you want is to rock up in a sexy nurse outfit to find out they hate it (what a mood killer).

Bring out the toys

Open that bottom drawer and pick some of your favourite toys to use, either on one another or yourself while they watch – just don’t get too carried away (you still want to preserve the big finish for later)!

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This one sort of carries on from the first section, but this time doing it face to face, watch each others body language, hear their moans, all these things will add to the moment and will guarantee and fantastic ending for you both.

Rub down

Giving each other a massage is a great way for you to both unwind, but it’s also brilliant for getting closer to one another. There’s nothing that quite beats some intimate skin on skin.

Keeping it slow you can tease one another with everything stroke you make, building the tension to an almost boiling point without having to do much.