Best G Spot Vibrators

When people talk about the pleasure of G spots, it’s often greeted with a reaction of ‘wows’ and ‘wheres that?’. However, G spot pleasure has always been a rarity amongst the majority of people, or even gone unnoticed, but now we’re here to help open up a room (or spot) full of pleasure. So sit back, relax, and read through this guide which will lead you (and your partner) to a world full of wonders.

What is a G spot?

The G spot is an area located underneath your vaginal wall (see image below) that is made up of soft tissue that reacts when stimulated. When left alone the G spot is small and can go unnoticed, yet once stimulated it enlarges, hardens, and becomes much more prominent. Now the size increase isn’t enough in itself for a lot of women, knowing exactly where is it will enable you to get the best pleasure possible. Certain positions will deliver better responses, as well as a range of toys (we’ve listed some of our faves below). G spot contact will give you the same feelings and reaction to clitoral contact, so imagine the feeling of both of them being stimulated at the same time (wow!). There are still debates if the G spot is real, or just an extension of the clitoris, regardless it’s still an erogenous zone, and for argument’s sake will continue to call it the G spot.

Where is the G spot?

As mentioned above, the G spot is located underneath the vaginal wall, between your urethra.

How to reach your G spot?

Firstly, we advise you to use some lubricant while trying this, as it will make it a whole lot more pleasurable and a lot easier. Start by lying back with your legs apart, using a pillow beneath your pelvis can also help by tilting it towards you. Using two fingers, gently insert them into your vagina around 1/3 of the way in, (although this is dependent on each person) you should feel a small spongey area with a texture different to the vaginal wall. If you have trouble finding your g spot, then another way is to get aroused, as this get the g spot to double in size. Not only will the size increase but the texture will also change, making a lot easier to find. If you’re not having any luck with your fingers then using a vibrator specifically designed with G spot pleasure in mind will 100% not let you down.

What does the G in G spot stand for?

The G in G spot stands for ‘Gräfenberg’ who was the gynaecologist (Dr Ernst Gräfenberg) who ‘discovered’ it. Gräfenberg researched urethral stimulated and noted in his findings of “An erotic zone always could be demonstrated on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra”. It was only in 1981 that it was named the G spot and quickly became widespread.

Do men have G spots?

Its not breaking news that men can get immense pleasure from their prostate, but did you know that this is commonly referred to as the male G spot? As females, it’s an erogenous zone which holds the power of incredible pleasure for men. The male g spot can give almost instant orgasms and extremely intense ones at that. Located around 3/4 of a finger inside the anus, the G spot is easy to reach if you have a willing partner.

Best G spot vibrator?

So you’re sold on the idea of playing with that g spot, but which is the best G spot vibrator? Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up all our favourite tried and tested G spot vibrators and compiled them below.

Womanizer Red Duo

If you’re looking for a double dose of pleasure with just one toy, then look no further as there’s nothing else that matches up to the godlike orgasms you’ll reach with the Womanizer duo. The soft silicone glides effortlessly over your clitoris sending waves of pleasure throughout your body, while internally caressing your G spot giving you that back arching pleasure spike. Like that other Womanizers, the suctions cup end delivers that famous sensual suction we all love.

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Now let’s move on to the part you came here for, the G spot stimulator. With 5 Inches of insertable length, the firm end hits precisely where you need it to, sending waves of vibrations to your G spot. If that wasn’t enough you could pick between 12 intensity levels for both parts of the vibrator and ten unique vibrating patterns for the stimulator, another reason why this is bound to become one of your favourite toys. And to top it off it has a handy silence feature that means it only turns on when it comes into contact with your body, eliminating those embarrassing moments.

The Womanizer Duo can look quite intimidating when you first lay eyes on it, especially if you’re quite sensitive and reading words like ‘suction’. But fear not, it comes with two different suction heads as well as plenty of sensitive or beginner friendly patterns, allowing you to enjoy the Duo at your own pace (We wouldn’t want anyone missing out on this!). The suction cup also enables you to have some handsfree play, given you’re not wriggling and arching your back in pleasure.

The design of this product, from packaging to toy, screams elegance, and we didn’t expect anything less. To keep with the theme, it comes with a gorgeous satin storage bag. If you’re fussy about colours, the Duo comes in black and a deep red. Made for practicality, it comes with a USB charger that connects magnetically to the base, emitting light through the top so you can see when it’s fully charged. You can expect around 120 minutes of play time once it’s charged to full. The Duo is waterproof so you can take the pleasure from the bedroom to the bathtub without worrying about causing any damage. Being water-proof also makes cleaning a lot more efficient. Twin this product with some water-based lube to get the most from it, as well as avoiding any damage to yourself.

Stronic Blue Surf

Who needs men when you can get wet and wild with the Fun Factory Surf. Just looking at this vibrator, you can already see the pleasure it’s going to bring with those curved waves. We’re big fans of the products Fun Factory release, and this is no exception. The Surf is a hands-free thrusting god that allows you to sit back and enjoy while is caresses your G spot.

The shaft is made of soft silicone that glides in effortlessly with a generous amount of lube, and the shaft works wonders. It has an insertable length of 5.5Inches which is perfect for the amount of pleasure you receive. The waves ripple up and down in perfect harmony with the pattern of thrusting you pick. You have ten different thrusting patterns to choose from that are accessible from the base of the vibrator, bound to keep you busy for days. This vibrator is beginner friendly as it’s so easy to use and the lower settings aren’t too powerful that it could put you off, yet the remaining settings are enough to keep even the more experienced entertained.

When we first saw that it was hands-free we were a little sceptical, looking at it you wouldn’t think it was, but after you’ve inserted it into the correct position, you can let go and let it work its magic. The thrusting mimics the real thing leaving you to grab whatever is close in glorious amounts of pleasure. If you’re one for bathtime fun, the Surf lives up to its name and allows you to take in in the tub with you, being completely waterproof, and again, making it a breeze to clean.

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Charging wise this is this USB rechargeable with a magnetic end that joins the base of the vibrator, and you can expect 45 minutes of continuous play at its highest setting once it’s fully charged. The packaging is neat and pleasant to look at and comes with a handy ‘How to’ attached to the vibrator. Remember to use plenty of water-based lube to get the most fun from this vibrator.

Stronic G

Another Fun Factory vibrator, we know! But we can’t shy away from the fact that they make exceptional G spot vibrators — this time its the turn of the Stronic G, another absolute must have for all. This is a vibrator that hits exactly where you want it and does the job so perfectly that you’ll have trouble putting it down. Unlike the Surf, the G focuses more on just G spot pleasure, with a slimmer shaft allowing all the focus to hit you where you most desire.

The slim structure and bulbed head glide smoothly in due to the silky soft silicone, especially when twinned with your favourite lube. Fun Factory has focused on the G spot, with the body of the vibrator slightly bendable and having a firmer, weighted end. The insertable end of the vibrator is flat, which sets it out from all the others as it nestles brilliantly against your G spot without much movement. As you can expect from all Fun Factory products, this is exceptionally well made and designed with the female body in mind, so every spot gets the attention it deserves.

You can pick between 10 speeds and patterns of thrusting to find the right one to suit your mood, and its very beginner friendly. You can access the control buttons on the base, just like the Surf. Again to look at you wouldn’t necessarily think that it’s hands-free, but you can lie back and let go while the Stronic G does all the hard work for you. You can also use an external vibrator with your free hands if you fancy doubling up on the pleasure.

Both the Surf and the G are perfect introductions to using sex machines if that’s something you interested in exploring (and a lot easier to take on your travels). The technology they use reads the female body, and never feels out of place. Like the Surf this is a USB magnetically charged, and takes few hours to get fully charged up. It comes in classic elegant packaging as to be expected from Fun Factory. You can take this in the shower or tub as it is waterproof and again makes for easy cleaning.


Now we couldn’t compile a top list without a remote control vibrator on it, and the Nova has earned its place through its excellent design that will give you an award-winning orgasm. Curved and flexible in all the right places, the Nova reads your body like its a book, making sure every part is seen to. With two pleasure points, there’s no way we’d leave this rocket off our list.

The Nova gives you best of both worlds, a vigorous vibrator and a thrusting shaft (what more could a girl want?). Firstly let’s talk about the thruster, made from the softest silicone the shaft is a pleasure to insert. The flexibility allows you to easily manoeuvre the head to where you need it. The shaft has its own motor allowing you to adjust the intensity of the thrusting without changing the vibration patterns, which we loved. And we know what you’re thinking ‘two motors mean double the sound’ and you’re wrong, it’s pretty quiet, no different from the typical solo vibes on the market. The Nova is button and app-controlled through the We-Vibe app; all information on this comes with the product. We found that using the app was a lot easier than trying to fiddle around with buttons in the heat of the moment.

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Next, onto the vibrator. This powerful thing can leave you quivering just on its own, so when you combine it to the might thrusting you’ll never want to put it down. You have ten patterns of vibrations to pick from which can be controlled by the buttons on the base, or via the app. Another reason why the Nova is one of our favourites is because of the ability to position the vibrator as you please. Once the shaft is inserted, line the vibrator up to where you want it and press start, you won’t be disappointed. As mentioned previously, both aspects have their own motors, and that can be controlled separately, allowing you to have a tailor-made orgasm.

Just looking at this vibe, you can see how perfectly it’s going to fit against your body. Its curves are inviting, and the texture is incredible. You can charge the Nova up with a magnetic USB charger that comes with it, 90 minutes of charge gives you around two hours play. You can control the Nova via the We-vibe app as previously mentioned, this allows you to custom made your own patterns, as well as letting your partner from anywhere in the world to control (as long as they’re connected to WiFi). Remember to add generous amounts of lube to amplify your pleasure.


Last but not least is a brilliant next step in you G spot adventures, the G spot sex machine. Perfect addition for those ladies who are after a stronger, deeper thrusting, and have already worked their way through the standard dildos on the list. This magnificent bit of machinery is bound to leave you exhausted with pleasure and deliver a throbbing orgasm.

There are so many features to this product that made this an absolute must, but let’s start with the basics. To make for ease during travels, the machine comes apart in three sections. You have the base, which has a suction cup, allowing you to position it where you please. Next is the motor that screws on the base, and lastly and most importantly is the dildo. On the base is a handy knob that enables you to angle the dildo in the direction you’re after, and when you’ve secured the base, you can have the ultimate hands-free experience.

The shaft is soft and silicone based, so it eases in especially with some water-based lube. You can work your way through 7 vibration patterns and seven thrusting patterns, leaving you spoilt for choice. The dildo has 6 inches of insertable length and is ribbed for added pleasure, as well as being able to heat up to 40 degrees mimicking the real thing. To control you can use the buttons on the motor part of the machine, but it also comes with a handy remote control which is ideal once you’re in position, we used to the remote all the time to save on fumbling about.

We were surprised to find out that the Fantasy is water-proof so you can attach it to the tiles or tub and enjoy some water play. Like others on the list, this is USB rechargeable so you can easily pack it away and take it on your travels. Remember to add plenty of water-based lube with this toy for added pleasure and to reduce the risk of injury.