Our Guide On How To Both Orgasm During A Quickie

There’s nothing more thrilling than getting up to something when you know you shouldn’t, and a quickie is a perfect way to get your thrills. Whether your need arises when you know your partner is about to leave for work, or you’re expecting company, there’s no reason why you both can’t reach climax during your fast fun. So why is it that it’s usually the case? Well, as we know, the way in which the male and female reach climax is very different, and during a quickie, as the name suggests, its quick, and we don’t tend to have time for the foreplay and build up which can help a woman reach her orgasm quicker. Women need consistent stimulation which takes considerably longer than men, and is often only achievable in certain positions, compared to men who can reach ejaculation in the majority of positions. Just the thought of having a quickie fills us with passion and excitement, who knows what mischief you can cause in such a little amount of time, but that isn’t enough to get us there alone. So here are some tips on how to ensure that you have just as much fun as your partner.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Before you jump on into it, work yourself up, think back to some real passionate times you’ve had, or that erotic novel you’ve been reading, or that 50 Shades scene that you’ve found yourself thinking about (don’t worry, we’ve all done it!). Doing this will give you a massive head start in reaching your climax. It doesn’t always have to be physical foreplay. But in case you’re after that physical touch, you can still get there a little quicker by starting off yourself. Who knows, it could add some excitement for your partner too if you invite him in to watch.

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We’ve all got them hidden away somewhere in our bedrooms, and just because its a quickie, doesn’t mean we can’t use them. Usually, they get overlooked in the heat of the moment, but next time, crack out the vibrator and let it do its job, while you and your partner can focus on the positions that will be more effective for his pleasure. This way neither of you have to go without, and it’ll add that extra bit of excitement of using a toy during your quickie, double winner!

Finding The Right Position

Time is of the essence, so finding the right position is vital. The last thing you want to be doing is switching positions and the prolonging of what was meant to be a quickie. Go with what you know works; we’ve all got at least one position we know leads to a guaranteed orgasm, so use it! We’ve found that the positions that go deeper, are the more effective ones, so if you’ve not tried that, we highly suggest it, not only does it do the job, it also feels incredible.

Choosing The Right Location

Location is vital, the last thing you want is attempting to do it somewhere new, and exciting, and it ends up becoming a mood killer. Have a quick scope of your surroundings, and find somewhere thrilling, yet sensible. Like shower sex for example; yes it’s exciting, and steamy, and full of movie like qualities we’ve all fantasised about, but the truth is 8/10 someone is always left in the cold, while the other has soap in their eye, and you’re slipping and sliding all over the place (and not the fun kind!). Remember there’s nothing wrong with doing it on the bed, but there’s also nothing wrong with doing it on the kitchen table, just make sure its a safe and fun place to do it.

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So to wrap it up (get it!?): be safe, make it exciting, and bring out those toys as much as you can.