Happy Rabbit Mini Ears Clitoral Vibe Review

If you go peeking down a rabbit hole, you’re sure to find a Happy Rabbit, as well as a happy woman. From ears to tail, this clitoral vibrator will quickly become your favourite go-to toy. Not only is it adorable to look at, and almost unrecognisable as a sex toy, it’s also super effective in its ability to bring you an award-winning climax.

Why use a clitoral vibe?

Before we go into how incredible the Happy Rabbit is, its worth mentioning the full pros of using a clitoral vibrator over your regular dildo/rabbit.  Firstly, you’re going to orgasm, and using a clitoral vibe will accelerate the process, bringing you quickly to climax. If you’re someone who struggles with reaching an orgasm, then using a beginner friendly vibe should help you along the way.  Secondly it makes a great addition to foreplay. Having your partner use a vibrator on you, or watching you use one will amplify the moment, and has be known to be popular amongst a lot of couples. Thirdly, and this is the most important of them all..it feels good, so why not?

Mini Ears review

First off we’ll start with how beautifully packaged the Happy Rabbit is. The box is an extension of the toy itself; its design is something we’ve not seen from many toys on the market; it’s simple yet so well made, it doesn’t feel cheap, and easy on the eyes. Inside you’ll find the rabbit in simple packaging, along with the USB charger cable, and a set of instructions, which come in multiple languages. Every aspect of the Happy Rabbit has a very ‘cute’ vibe to it, which has easily made it one of our favourites on looks and packaging alone.

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One thing that was noticeable when we took the Happy Rabbit out of the packaging was just how soft it is. The silicone is almost silk-like, and we could tell instantly how beautifully it would glide over your body. The vibe is around 4.5 inches long, and although that may seem small, it packs the power of some of the best, larger vibes on the market. To control the vibrator, you have a simple button that is at the front of the rabbit at the bottom, which is easy to reach when in the moment. To turn your vibe on you hold down the button for 2 secs and once released the vibrations start. You work your way through 12 speeds and patterns by pressing the same button, again super easy to use and saves on all the faffing. The Happy Rabbit comes with a brilliant travel lock feature which can be enabled and disabled by pressing the power button twice if you try to turn on the rabbit while travel lock is enabled it will give two short vibrations to let you know that it’s locked.

Now on to the fun stuff, how it delivers those orgasms. Once you have your rabbit locked and loaded with your preferred vibration pattern and a generous amount of lube, you can lie back and let those magical ears do their work. At the back of the rabbit is its ‘tail,’ an incredible addition which is a handy grip with finger indentations which allow you to slip the tail between your fingers and manoeuvre the rabbit with ease. The rabbit is sculpted with the female body in mind, allowing it to glide over your body, and put those ears to work, and that’s all down to the design of the rabbit. You can switch up the position, and you will always find that it sits comfortably against your vagina, letting those ear vibrations spread throughout. Speaking of ears, these two mini yet mighty additions send out powerful waves of pleasure when nestled either side of your clitoris, without creating too much noise and once under the covers you can barely hear a thing. Because of the great variety in speeds and setting this vibe is suitable for levels of experience. Because of the size, it makes a perfect addition to penetration when twinned with your partner, or another toy.

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The Happy rabbit makes a perfect travel companion, as its small, has a travel lock and is USB rechargeable, and a toy you don’t want to leave behind. To charge you vibe, just attach the charger to the base of the rabbit and leave it for around 90 minutes to get fully charged. If you can’t seem to drag yourself away from the Happy Rabbit, it is water-proof so that you can have some bath time fun with your favourite toy, not to mention it makes it extremely useful when cleaning. Remember to use a generous amount of water-based lubricant to ensure you get the most pleasure from your vibe. Latex and phthalates free.