Icicles Heart Butt Plug Review (No 75 Glass Wave)

Gone are the days of wearing your heart on your sleeve; now its time to wear it somewhere else, with the Icicles Heart Butt Plug which is just too cute not to use. It’s crafted carefully to maximise your pleasure and not to be too overpowering. The idea of a butt plug might be very daunting to some people, but they are fastly becoming one of the most popular sex toys at the moment. Just pop it in during foreplay and let it do its work throughout. One of the reasons it’s becoming so popular is that you can get anal fun without neglecting the more important parts.

By using a butt plug during intercourse, it will intensify the ‘in and out’ movements and will allow your partner to hit spots you wouldn’t normally feel during vaginal intercourse. Now, the sound of a glass butt plug can sound scary and have you thinking ‘what happens if it breaks?’ but fear not, the Icicles Heart Butt Plug is made from body safe, shatterproof glass so that you can relax about that. It’s lighter than the typical smooth metal buttplugs, and smooth unlike some of the silicone ones, so you get the best of both products. Just make sure you use plenty of waterbased lube, as they can be worn for long periods of times, so you want enough to be able to take it out smoothly! And if hearts aren’t your thing, then try the Icicles No79 Diamond Shaped Glass Butt Plug. Both are perfect for beginners, with 3 Inches of insertable length and a 4-inch girth at the ‘bulb’ of the butt plug. And as always, it’s also latex and phthalates free.

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