Lelo Sona Cruise Review

Let me start by saying I can’t praise this toy highly enough. As an experimental lady who’s been through quite a few toys in her time, there’s something about the Lelo Sona Cruise that blows my mind every single time I put it to use!

There’s a lot of vibrator-type products out there claim to provide intense clitoral orgasms, and in my experience, I’ve found that very few of them live up to the hype. Over the years I’ve found that very few of my previous vibrator purchases have really ‘stood out’ in my collection. Most of them get the job done, sure, but the Sona Cruise has that special oomph that takes things to the next level.


First of all, everything about this product is sleek, stylish and classy – right down to the outer packaging. Its box is plain black with a hint of gold – very simple, elegant and sexy. It might only seem like a minor point, but I’m a big believer that the branding of a product should match the experience – and this definitely does.

lelo sona cruise packaging


The Sona Cruise comes in either black or various shades of pink (I own the black model), and both are made from a very smooth, rubbery material that’s not only comfortable against the skin, but also makes stains and prints easy to wash off (and believe me, there’ll be a few stains on it when you’re finished). It seems the toy has been designed for not only supreme pleasure, but also for maximum efficiency. It has a curved shape to it, meaning it fits in the hand perfectly and won’t fly out of your hand when you’re getting down to business.

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Design-wise, it’s absolutely ideal. It’s relatively small in comparison to the average vibrator/dildo, which makes it perfect for a naughty little discreet session if your partner happens to fall asleep and you need to take matters into your own hands.


Now for the most important part – the performance! Before I ordered this, I expected it to be a very noisy, energetic piece of kit, especially given its claims of being able to provide unbelievable climaxes. However, the fact this uses sonic pulses to stimulate the G-spot rather than actual physical vibration means there’s no need for intense, rumbly pulsations. It makes a very low humming sound which is practically silent when placed beneath the bed sheets. Another plus in the positives column!

I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes need quite rigorous stimulation to tip me over the edge, and I was worried that the sonic waves in this might not be enough. However, I couldn’t be more wrong. To call the orgasms I have with this intense would be doing it a disservice. The Sona Cruise stimulates me to levels I’ve never had with any other toy before. The sonic waves not only work wonders on the G-spot, but they also (somehow!) send a wave of pleasure to every other erogenous zone. An orgasm with this is like an intense explosion of pleasure through my entire my body. It seems to massage every sensitive area at once and makes lets me achieve orgasm in less than two minutes.

Ease of use

One of the most efficient parts of this toy is the layout of the controls on the front of it. There are three buttons – up, down and ‘settings’ button. The up and down buttons increase the pulsation of the toy up to a maximum of eight (with eight being the most intense). The ‘settings’ button changes the pulsation pattern, although I rarely change from the default myself. However, for those who like things to feel a little more ‘real’, there are a few pulsation patterns that really mimic the rhythm of someone else pleasuring you.
I found that I could achieve a slower, more drawn-out climax at the lowest vibration (number one), but if I’m looking for a quick release before I have to head out the door, I’ll stick it on number eight and let it do the hard work for me. If you’re on the more sensitive side, the lowest vibrations will be more than enough for you, whereas number eight is for the more hard-to-please ladies.

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Now, for all its positives, there are only two downsides to the Sona Cruise that I’ve found so far.

Con number one: the button locations. While the up, down and settings buttons are all very close together, I would prefer it if they were on the back of the toy rather than the front. During play, it can be a little fiddly to locate the correct button and then press with your thumb, especially when you’re in the throes of a wild orgasm. In my opinion, it would be much simpler to use your index or middle fingers while you have the toy in your grip. Saying this, however, the button locations are still a lot more convenient than they are on most other vibrators. You can usually ‘feel’ the buttons without having to move the toy from down below, it just takes longer than I’d like.

Secondly, due to the sonic pulsations, it can leave your hand feeling a little numb afterwards. But, in fairness, it’s a small price to pay for such a liberating sensation.

Battery life

I’ve found I get around two hours of battery life from a full charge, and given that the Sona Cruise than make you achieve climax in such a short time, this is definitely reasonable. Recharge time is around 1-2 hours, so it’s easy to get ready for round two if the battery life runs out mid-play.

There’s also a further tick in the positive box when it comes to battery life, as the toy doesn’t lose its intensity as the battery life diminishes. It will continuously keep the same pulsation until the battery dies altogether. A lot of other vibrators become gradually less powerful as the battery life fades, and you sometimes find yourself in a race to achieve orgasm before it dies out. With the Sona Cruise, I don’t have that problem.

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Final thoughts

Overall, I can’t recommend this enough. Not only is it perfect for solo play, but when combined with penetrative sex with a partner, you’ll feel like you’ve reached the peak of sexual stimulation. It’s also 100% waterproof, so it’s safe for use in the bath or shower. For any ladies out there, if you want to save your husband a little effort in the bedroom, have him use this on you and you’ll both be much happier for it.

Be warned though, this sets the bar VERY high!