Making Long-Distance Love Last

This generation is lucky in the sense that long-distance relationships are possible to maintain. Gone are the days of having to rely on scheduled phone calls or sending letters. Job or financial circumstances may present opportunities that may send you to distant locations away from your partner for long periods of time.

Rather than letting your love and lust diminish away, you can take control of the situation and overcome this obstacle healthily and passionately.

The power of the internet

This may seem like a no-brainer but with all of the amazing free applications that are available to the average tech consumer, like Skype, Whatsapp, and FaceTime, it’s never been easier to keep in touch in real time. Aside from the regular face-to-face calls, keeping up to date with your daily life via text messages is vital. Things that you would usually keep to yourself until the end of the day, should be spoken about and conveyed as you think of them. That way, it will help to feel like you’ve been with your partner on an emotional level throughout the day, rather than waiting till the end of your shift or schedule, as you may be too tired to convey the day’s activities fully.

Every so often, reminisce about previous lusty encounters you’ve had together: ‘remember when…?’, and elaborate on what made it such an exciting and hot experience. It will allow both of you to fill yourself with a rush of emotion, and you can both think back fondly on the event.

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Plan ahead

Creating some sort of schedule in a long-distance situation is vital. It’s no good just assuming you’ll see each other eventually, as obligations and plans will change. It’s essential that at least one date is set in the not so distant future for you to both meet; even if it’s just a weekend.

Not only will this allow you both to get rid of all the sexual tensions that is bound to have been built up over the previous weeks/months, but it gives you both something positive to look forward to. This is especially important for the person who has moved away from the other, as they’ll likely feel isolated and alone if they have moved to a brand new city or country.

Don’t become camera-shy

Most people will feel a bit awkward the first few times they are on camera, but it’s a necessity to overcome if you want a relaxed and happy experience while maintaining a long-distance relationship, especially if video chat ‘sex’ comes into play.

Don’t feel like you are obliged to do it, but there aren’t many options to expel the sexual passion you’ll have for one another, other than actually physically meeting.

It will likely feel a little awkward to start off with, just like how so many people don’t like to make love with the light on, but rather than focus on any awkwardness that may be present, just let your body do the talking.

Online sexual experiences shouldn’t begin any differently to how it would in-person. You wouldn’t just blankly say ‘should we begin?’, you would let things take its course. Ease into the experience by complimenting each other, added with a little dirty talk, and the rest will follow.

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