Everything You Need to Know About Onaholes

While there are plenty of options when it comes to female-focused sex toys and adult bedroom accessories, the truth of the matter is there really isn’t all that much in the way of choice when it comes to male counterparts.

For obvious reasons, of course.

The physics of male anatomy certainly hinders the creativity of sex toy companies somewhat, limiting them to a couple of options that all boil down to a similar solution – an artificial “tunnel” without a lot of room for imagination.

But then you have something like the onahole come along and completely shake things up from top to bottom.

What is an onahole?

Have you been wondering exactly what is an onahole?

Looking to get your hands on one of these male sex toys, but not sure if it’s right for you?

Curious about not only what is an onahole but how to use it and what to expect?

Then you’re in the right place!

Described by those in the adult sex toy industry as a male masturbator accessory with a distinctly Japanese twist, onahole products have exploded in popularity in just the last few years – quickly becoming one of the most (if not THE most) popular sex toys for men out there right now.

Taking the traditional artificial “tunnel” hardware to another level, these onahole solutions provide a lot more consistent pressure, variable “tightness”, and a unique sensation that can be modified just by changing your grip on the toy itself.

A lot of men are finding this sex toy useful not only for helping them to get off but also to help them build up their stamina in a way that few other adult male masturbator toys can. Because this allows for variable sensations that can be adjusted on the fly, again just by modifying or changing your grip, you have an opportunity to really draw things out to build up your stamina – helping you to train your body for longer-lasting sessions when you are with a partner.

Plenty of reviews out there regarding onahole products recommend them for this exact purpose, to build up more sexual stamina and to help men “slow down”. You’re still going to be able to get a tremendous amount of feedback and stimulation from these onahole products when they are being used as a trainer, but the big payoff shows up when you end up sliding between the sheets with someone special.

Interestingly enough (for Western customers, anyway), a decent amount of the more popular onaholes available on the market today are very heavily influenced by the hentai community. Hentai onaholes represent many of the biggest bestsellers coming out of Japan and are certainly heavily influencing products that are made by Western companies for Western customers – many of them having absolutely no idea about these hentai influences or recognizing them in the first place.

Fans of hentai, however, are going to recognize a hentai onahole almost immediately. There are a number of distinct design choices made on these products that not only make them a lot of fun but also add an extra layer of excitement for those that are passionate about hentai art and media.

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How do I use an onahole?

Learning how to use an onahole is about as simple and as straightforward as learning how to masturbate – something that most boys figure out in their early teens all on their own.

All you’re really doing here is introducing something else to the equation, something that you will be able to hold in your hands so that you can modify the amount of stimulation, the amount of pressure, and the amount of feedback you’re getting as you go about your business.

The important thing to really master how to use an onahole is to find the perfect one for your specific needs and your specific size.

While many of the more basic onahole options on the market today are sold as “one-size-fits-all” kinds of solutions, the truth of the matter is you will be able to get a lot more out of your new sex toy if you find something best suited to what you are bringing to the table, well, bedroom.

The overwhelming majority of top-tier manufacturers and distributors for these sex toys are incredibly discrete and provide a variety of options for all shapes and sizes. You’ll never have to worry about any issue whatsoever when it comes to finding and buying the right onahole for your needs, and it’s essential that you not try and pick something as a vanity purchase but instead find something that’s going to fit you like a glove (so to speak).

A better fit you get right out-of-the-box the better your experiences going to be as you learn how to use an onahole. A poor fitting onahole is going to result in a pretty awful experience across the board, and you’ll end up regretting your investment in this sex toy – and might even have to go back and purchase a different one (doubling your expense).

Some recommend soaking a brand-new onahole in warm water to “loosen things up”, but that’s really going to depend on the overall material of the product that you purchase. As a general rule it’s probably a good idea to clean your new sex toy right out-of-the-box. Even though it is brand-new, it may still have some chemicals, solvents, or materials left on the surface from the production process.

How do I clean an onahole?

The process for cleaning an onahole is pretty simple and straightforward, but it’s a process you need to master as quickly as possible as you’ll need to clean this sex toy after every single use – EVERY single use.

If you don’t figure out how to clean an onahole, and if you don’t clean your onahole every single time you use it, you’re going to really put your short and long-term health at risk and can invite all kinds of infections and medical issues to parts of your body you probably rather not have medical experts inspecting – especially because of something this embarrassing.

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The process for mastering how to clean an onahole is pretty easy.

First, you’re going to want to make sure that you completely wash the entirety of this sex toy under cold and then warm water. This is going to remove most of your bodily fluids as well as any bacteria that might be on the surface of the onahole, helping you to move through the rest of the cleaning process pretty quickly

Second, you’ll want to run some warm water in a bowl, dish, or pan with some dish soap in it. This will allow you to soak the onahole for at least 15 minutes – and ideally up to one hour – so that you can get a deeper clean and guarantee that everything that might have been left behind is gone for good.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that you dry your onahole completely. This is a big piece of the puzzle and you’ll want to make sure that you really take care to dry the exterior as well as the interior of the onahole. The interior of the sex toys needs to be dried up completely before you use it again, or you invite the kind of bacteria and mold to build up inside of these toys that love warm, humid conditions that are left alone for extended time.

At the end of the day, as long as you put those pieces of the puzzle together you will be able to figure out how to clean an onahole without a lot of fuss.

What to look for when buying an onahole

As we highlighted above, there are a couple of key things you’ll want to focus on when you are getting ready to purchase this kind of sex toy.

For starters, you are going to want to establish your budget.

Without a concrete budget in place it’s easy to fall for snappy marketing and advertising campaigns – especially revolving around hentai onahole products – that are designed to get you to pay a lot more for these adult toys than you might have been willing to before.

Once you see just how many “special features” or add-ons the more expensive and premium onaholes can offer you’ll see exactly why it’s important to get your budget in place before you start to window shop or do your research and due diligence.

Secondly, you’ll want to make sure that you know exactly what kind of size you should be buying when you purchase one of these sex toys.

We touched on this earlier, too, and it’s important to remember that the one-size-fits-all options available on the market usually are going to result in a much sloppier kind of experience than you probably are expecting or anticipating.

Almost all of the high-quality manufacturers out there offer their own specific guidelines for measuring yourself so that you understand exactly what size you should be moving forward with, especially if they offer multiple sizes as opposed to the one size fits most options that are available, too.

Of course, you could choose to go with the one size fits most model if that’s something you’re really interested in. Just don’t expect it to have the same kind of “custom” fit you would have been able to enjoy if you had carefully measured and then selected your new hentai onahole based off of that data.

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The next piece of this puzzle is figuring out which kinds of special features you are interested in and which ones you just aren’t willing to spend any extra money on.

Different options are going to have different levels of stimulation, different customization and “pressurization” settings or capabilities, and some are going to feel incredibly real and lifelike – but you’ll always have to pony up for the better options and the more impressive features.

Some onahole products are going to come with high stimulation interiors, others are going to be more simple and straightforward, and others still are going to have built-in lubrication reservoirs to closely mimic the real feel you get if you were actually sleeping with a woman.

There are even ultra premium options on the market today that come with self warming solutions, built-in lubrication set ups, and motion activated sound features. These are the real cream of the crop and truly top-end products that will command the highest possible price points, but some men are interested in spending as much as it takes to get the exact experience they are looking for.

General features you want to look for our safe construction materials (usually silicone or a similar material), 100% waterproof capabilities, and quick washing and sterilization features that allow them to offer you plenty fun for the money that you spent.

Closing thoughts

At the end of the day, finding the right onahole for your specific needs is going to be a lot easier if you take advantage of all the inside information we’ve been able to share with you above.

There are a lot of products out there to pick and choose from, with Japanese manufacturers cranking out more and more options on an almost daily basis. Western companies are getting into the swing of things as well, and plenty of retailers (especially online) are starting to bring those Japanese onahole options over and offer them to customers in the Western world at a breakneck pace.

As long as you focus on the details we have shared in this quick guide you really shouldn’t have any trouble narrowing down a couple of top contenders for your money. This is obviously going to be a pretty personal choice and decision that you want to make sure you get right the very first time around, so take your time to do your research and due diligence.

Every reputable retailer out there will provide discrete billing and shipping options, too – though it is still worth confirming just to make sure that your personal and private business remains both personal and private.

With just a little bit of effort you will be overjoyed with your new onahole sex toy product, especially if you’re able to find something that really suits your needs right down to the ground and offers you the kind of experience you were hoping for.