Sexiest Plus Size Wet Look Lingerie, Stockings & Dresses

There’s something empowering about wearing a wet look piece, it comes with a sense of power and dominance, and we love it. So we’ve rounded up some of our favourites that can either be subtly added into your everyday clothing or be worn as a bold ‘here I am’ statement, both equally effective and bound to get the heart racing. There’s nothing quite like coming out of your comfort zone with such a confident, empowering piece; whether this is your normal style or not, we’ve got something for everyone. So sit back, relax and be prepared to find your new favourite wet look item.

Wet Look Stockings and Suspenders

Let us ease it in and save some more of the kinker stuff until the end (spandex foreplay) and look at some of the add-on items up for grabs at the moment.

Wet Look Hold-Ups with Zip

If you’ve worn any type of latex/wet look material before, you know how complicated, and almost comical putting on or taking off these items can be, so we love that these gorgeous stockings have a zip up the back to take some of the pressure away and keep you in the moment. With its elasticated top that holds them in place without the need for a suspender belt, and its breathable material, these will quickly become one of your favourites. These are a great addition to any outfit and are bound to turn the heat up. (Latex free).

Rubber Girl Latex Stockings

WOW! That’s all you’re going to hear when you have these eye-catching latex stockings on. Taking a step up from the pair above, this is a no-nonsense set, when you have these on you mean business. Once twinned with a suspender belt you’re partners heart rate will be through the roof. The feet of these stockings are fitted, so you don’t end up with any loose material around your ankles. These stockings come as matt black, so you will need to buy some latex shinner spray to give them that glossy leg-lengthening look. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, these are made from vegan-friendly latex.

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Miss Naughty Suspender Belt

This stunning, retro six strap suspender belt is a definite lingerie staple for every woman. It holds to your curves seductively and accentuates all the right parts. Each strap is adjustable so you can get the perfect fit from it, with sturdy clasps that will hold your stockings in place with ease. The material is smooth, so your (or your partners) hands will glide smoothly over your curves. The belt is also stretchy to ease comfort when wearing it. There’s something very ‘pin-up’ about this piece, and we love it.

Cage-Back Suspender Mini Skirt

It’s time to show off a bit of something your partner has been dying to see with this flirty open back suspender skirt. With its tantalising straps that leave nothing to the imagination, and its smooth and shiny body, all the key components to bringing your partner to their knees. This skirt has two straps at the front and two at the back, so regarding stocking support, there isn’t as many as the Miss Naughty, but its still effective, and let’s face it, how long do you think your partner and honestly leave this on you once he sets eyes on you.

Wet Look Matching Sets

If wearing a whole piece isn’t your style (let’s face it, it can be pretty exhausting putting it on), then a two/three piece might be more up your street.

Liquid Onyx Three Piece

This is a set that requires some self-confidence as its bold, skimpy and shoes almost everything off, and if you’re anything like me (I’m a plus size girl) the smallest the thought of showing my tummy off is enough to make me run a mile. Once this set is on and seeing the reaction you’ll get, is enough to throw those insecurities out the window and dominate whatever room you enter. Its halter neck top holds everything in place but teases with its exposed cleavage, the skirt is short and tight, and doesn’t leave much to the imagination but paired together it becomes a heart-stopping sight. And if you’re wondering what the third item is? It’s a tiny G-string, so again not offering much in coverage but great for a striptease!

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Access All Areas Set

We’ve found a way to combat the exhausting removal of anything tight and wet look, just have the set crotchless and open nipple so everything can be accessed in the heat of the moment. This is also great for teasing your partner (you can look, but you can’t touch). This set is slightly cheating as there is definitely more mech than wet look material, but it still looks stunning. And even though everything is accessible, the halter neck top has a velcro fastening at the top and a tie up at the back for quick and easy removal.

Wet Look Dresses

Here’s for the more experienced lady, or something who has the time to figure out the more straightforward way to put something on (we still get confused now). At the bottom of this section, we will link you to a product that is an absolute must for these types of outfits.

Wet Look Chemise

Starting with this classic, elegant looking chemise that oozes sophistication, this can easily be worn under a dress to surprise your partner with when he undresses you Or slipped into just as you’re about to get into bed. The top half is mainly laced with a few small panels of wet look, giving it that classic lingerie look, then moving downwards it clings and holds to all the right places with its tight-fitting wet look bottom half that contradicts the top with its rebellious feel. The break between top and bottom sits directly on your waist adverting your partner’s eyes to your curves if they aren’t already there from that plunging V line. The spaghetti straps are easily adjustable for correct fitting.

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Rubber Girl Mini Dress

Another WOW moment from us when we first set eyes on this set, so this will go down well with your partner. This tight, skimpy dress clings to your body in such a striking way that we doubt it will stay on for long; just one look at it and juices will be flowing. With built-in suspender straps, pair this with some stockings, and you’re good to go. The cheeky curves of the suspenders show of the perkiness of your bum while teasing with every movement. This dress is by far one of our favourites. Like the other latex products this dress comes in matt black and will need to be shined (products linked below) to achieve that sensual shine we all desire.

Latex and Wetlook Products

Latex Shiner Ultra Shine Spray

As mentioned before some of these products are Latex, and you need to add that shine if that’s the look you’re going for. Using this silicone spray will ensure every part of your lingerie is polished and highly shined for that desired effect.

Easy Latex Dressing

As most of you know when it comes to putting on or taking off any latex/wet look item there can be a lot of fiction burns, squeezing, pushing, sweating, panting, and that’s all before you’ve even put it on. So using this cream will help you glide in almost effortlessly, not to mention the cream itself is good for keeping the quality of the item you’re using.