Best Remote Control Vibrating Knickers – Read Before You Buy In 2020!

So we’ve already set you up with our top remote control love eggs, so now let’s take it to the next level and show you our top remote control vibrating knickers. Vibrating underwear is fantastic – there’s something extremely exciting about not being in control of our pleasure, especially if you decide to venture out without the control. Or on the flip side, you might just want to wear them while you’re out and be the one causing the buzz down below. Either way, we’ve compiled a list of what we feel are the best in the business, so you don’t have to waste your time searching.

What Are Remote Control Vibrating Knickers?

Vibrating pants, panties, knickers, and underwear are pretty much what they say on the tin, but just in case you haven’t managed to get your head around it, or you’re entirely new to sex toys, we can help clear the air. They use the same principle of a standard vibrator, by providing stimulating vibrations to your clitoris or with insertable parts, and typically have different patterns to suit your mood. Unlike most conventional vibrators, the vibrator that comes with the knickers are curved in shape to fit perfectly in the arch of your vagina, meaning not only do you get the full effect of the vibrations, they also won’t be uncomfortable and shouldn’t move around. The knickers come with a handy pocket that fit the vibrator perfectly which means you don’t have to worry about it falling out and causing you any embarrassment. Another reason why remote control vibrating knickers is such a sought after product is that… you guessed it, they’re remote controlled! So you can forget about having to run to the nearest bathroom to either turn them off, on or up, now you can do it with a handy remote control, meaning your pleasure is entirely hassle-free.

Why use Remote Control Vibrating Knickers?

If you’re not sold on the idea already, and you’re sat there thinking ‘why?’ We can delve a little deeper into the pros of using remote control vibrating knickers. Firstly, and most importantly, they’re hands-free! Whether you want some hands-free solo play, or you want to spice things up with a lover, these are the perfect match for all your needs. Using an app to control a vibe is an experience in itself, not only because it makes it easier to lie back and enjoy without fumbling about for buttons, but it also opens up a catalogue of vibration patterns that you wouldn’t usually have access to. And to top it off, if you want your partner to take control, as long as they’re connected to WiFi and have the app downloaded, they can take control wherever they are in the world. This is only applicable for those that are app compatible, but that doesn’t mean that the ones without an app are less enjoyable there’s something more exciting in seeing how turned on your partner gets while being entirely in control of your pleasure at the touch of a button. If sharing with your partner isn’t tantalising enough, or you’d much prefer the alone time it’s just as pleasurable during solo play as it is with a partner. One of the major selling points of vibrating knickers is that it’s a pleasure on the go, pop them on then head out to run errands with a little buzz in your step. Using them in public can be a huge thrill and massive turn on, especially if you’re letting your partner take control, giving you the ultimate foreplay. Now we understand that it’s quite a big step in your sex toy journey to pluck up the courage and wear them outside, so it is wise to wear them about the house to get rid of any of those worries. Doing this also gives you a chance to learn what vibrations you prefer.

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Now that’s over with, let’s get on to the exciting part. Here’s our list for what we think are the top 5 remote control vibrating knickers available on the market!

Desire Luxury

There’s a reason why this particular product is first on our list, and that’s because it’s one of our personal favourites. It has an impressive 8 speeds and 12 patterns, meaning its tailored to whatever mood you find yourself in. The Desire’s vibrator and remote control are made of soft silicone, so if you do decide to take it out the panties and use it alone, it’s super smooth, adding to that extra pleasure. The vibrator itself is waterproof, meaning you can bring it in the bath for some extra bathtime fun, but please note that the remote control is only splashproof. The Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Remote Control Knicker Vibrator comes in a handy, discreet travel case, so you don’t have to worry about someone stumbling across it, as it looks just like a wash bag so they’ll be none the wiser. The knickers that come with this set are black lace with a delicate silk bow on the sides, looking ultra sexy but also comfortable. Another reason why this is thought of so highly in our review is that its rechargeable by USB with 60 minutes of play time. It’s so quiet even on the most intense patterns, and the remote can be used from 8 metres away, so your partner can get the foreplay started, all from the other room. There’s a reason why the Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Remote Control Knicker Vibrator came runner-up in Good Housekeeping Magazine’s annual Grown-up Guide. Its a big, pleasing 10/10 from us!

Remote Control Vibrating Knickers

Fifty Shades Freed My Body

Well, this one has an obvious place on our list as we’re 50 Shades of Grey mad, and every toy they release lives up to the expectation, and this one is no exception. This is another vibrator that ticks all the boxes, again with 8 patterns of vibration, and 12 different speeds it’s bound to leave you quivering regardless of which option you choose. Another reason why the Fifty Shades Freed My Body Blooms Rechargeable Knicker Vibrator with Remote made it onto our list is how beautiful yet seductive the Coco de Mer knickers are. Made from black lace with a delicate bow on the sides and a slightly open behind, just looking at them will get your partner panting. Not to mention they come in one size that fits all, so you’ll always be able to use them. If you weren’t sold already, its rechargeable with 60 minutes play time, 8 metre remote range, it comes with a gorgeous silk bag (like all the 50 Shades products), and it has a travel lock so you won’t have to worry about accidentally turning it on whilst you’re out and about. Like the vibrator before, this one is submersible but the remote isn’t.

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OhmiBod Club

If you’re the type of couple that enjoy getting down and dirty to the sound of music then this is the toy for you. Not only does it sport the usually qualities of the others, this one can vibrate to the sounds of your favourite music to make love to. And if music isn’t your thing, it also responds to voices. the OhmiBod Club Vibe Remote Control Music Responsive Vibrating Knickers has 3 settings of play, a groove setting which offers 5 set patterns for your play, the club setting which has unique patterns of pulsation, and the tease mode that leaves your partner in control of when to use them. So next time you’re hitting the town, why not try putting a buzz in your step, it will definitely gear you up for a fantastic end to your night. Like the others, this is USB rechargeable, so if you decide to take it away, you won’t have to worry about it letting you down. You also don’t have to worry about sound as it’s whisper quiet, so the only one it will keep awake is you. This product is one size: 8-18.

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If just knickers aren’t your thing, and you want a whole outfit, this is the product for you, and it’s gorgeous. With a deep V-lace body, and lacy knickers and suspenders built in, this one will have your partner ready the moment he sets eyes on you. And don’t worry, although it might look like a hassle to take off, it has a simple bow at the back for easy removal. The Secrets Remote Control Vibrating Deep-V Body with Suspenders has fewer settings than the others, but they won’t leave you disappointed because the 3 speeds and 2 patterns of vibration really get the job done. The remote works from 10 metres away so you can get things started before you even enter the room. This one isn’t rechargeable so make sure you’re stocked up on batteries. Although its one of the cheaper products on our list, it doesn’t skimp on any of the thrills it provides.

Lovehoney Remote Control Tie-Side Vibrating Knickers

If you’re working on a budget then this one is definitely the best value for money. Its simple, yet still has all the qualities of its competitions. The Lovehoney Remote Control Tie-Side Vibrating Knickers has 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibrations for your pleasure, and every setting is just as pleasurable as the last. The knickers are black lace with a pink bow on the sides for a quick and easy removal once you’re in the heat of the moment. This will really make date night extra special with its 10 metre range on the remote, and sensual pulsations, it will be a night that you’ll remember. Another bonus is that the vibrator is submersible so if you decide to move things into the shower you can use it safely without damaging it, although the remote is only splash proof so keep that away if you want to keep the pleasure coming. This one isn’t rechargeable so make sure you’ve got plenty of batteries.

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Next on our list is the Bluetooth Vibease, this soft silicone number slips right into your knickers, and does all the fun work for you. As you’ve probably guessed this is a Bluetooth, app controlled vibrator, making it a favourite amongst long distance lovers. But what sets it aside from all other app controlled vibes on the market is that it syncs up to your favourite erotic novel. If sensual novels aren’t your cup of tea, then you can also get your partner to download the app and sync up to your Vibease and then hand it all over to them, wherever they are in the world. Using the app gives you access to a lot more vibration patterns than those that come pre-installed on your vibe, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The vibe itself is made from a soft silky silicone that glides with ease over your clitoris, especially when you’ve added some water-based lubricant, not to mention that the curved body allows it to nestle down into place without being uncomfortable. Because the Vibease is USB rechargeable you can slip it into your travel bag, without worrying about picking up some spare batteries for the road.

We-Vibe Moxie

We-Vibe is godlike when it comes to creating the perfect sex toy, so we were super thrilled to get our hands on the new Moxie remote control knicker vibrator. This vibe is as much of a pleasure to the eyes as it is to the body. The light teal vibrator just screams elegance, all the while delivering whisper quiet, yet very effective vibrations. The mighty Moxie comes with ten preset vibration patterns, all of which are whisper quiet for peace of mind, although once you link it to the We-Vibe free app, you have access to more patterns and speeds. The App connects via Bluetooth to minimise the risk of any accidental disruptions and can be accessed anywhere in the world via WiFi. If you decide you’d prefer to use the remote, then it can be used up to 3 metres away, still allowing for some proper hands-free play. What sets the Moxie aside from all other knicker vibes on the market is its unique magnetic feature that turns any pair of regular knickers into a vibrating pair. It comes with a magnetic disk that attaches to the outside of your preferred knickers, allowing your vibe to stay in place safely and securely. To get the most from this silky smooth pebble of pleasure, twin it with was water-based lube.

We’ve made quite a diverse list as everyone has different needs and preferences, but we hope that reading some of these might open up the idea of venturing into something new. Each one of these products has a quality we believe we keep you entertained for hours (if you can last that long). If you decide to use any of these without the knickers, try adding some water-based lubricant so enhance your pleasure. Unsure of what lubricant to use Check out our guide to personal lubricants.

Please note that Remote Control Vibrating Knickers are for external use only, if you want something that can be used internally we have a great review on the Top 5 Remote Control Love Eggs.