Best Sex Swings & How To Use Them

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We’ve all seen movie sex scenes where the man picks the woman up, has her up against the wall and in all sorts of positions, and you’ve sat there saying to yourself ‘I want to try that’. Then your partner walks in from work, and you’ve decided that’s what you’re both trying tonight.

Unfortunately, when it comes to reenacting it, you just can’t get in the right position, you’re uncomfortable, your head gets hit on things, and you’re both sliding apart, so you get back to your normal position and lay that idea to rest.  Well, its time to get those ideas back into your mind, because we have a solution if you don’t mind a few straps (who doesn’t?).

Grab your phone and text your partner telling them that its back on, watch some films to get you mood and gear up ready because we’re about to show you some of the best sex swings out there, one to fit every need.

What is a sex swing?

Don’t worry, if you’re sat there wondering what the heck a sex swing is we’ll explain a little, as it does sound pretty daunting. First of all, let’s get to the basics; a sex swing is a piece of equipment that can be made up of many different materials depending on what type of swing you’re after, that supports either one or both of you during intercourse. The straps are attached to the main anchor point at the top of the swing. The supports used leave access to the person’s genitalia and anal area; this makes the process a lot easier.  

They can either have a support structure to hold a person up, have attachments that suspend the person from the ceiling, or components that attach to door frames. The supports are usually padded for comfort, and also adjustable, so you can get into the position that you want in the most comfortable way.  

Using a sex swing has many benefits such as allowing you to try new positions with ease, but it also allows people with mobility issues to still engage with their partners.  People tend to have this misconception that its something that should be locked away in some dungeon, but its really not, they’ve come a long way and can easily be put away so no one else can see. Because of the nature of a swing and the many ways it could go wrong,  we do advise that you spend time researching what type of swing you want, and how to use it too.

Please ensure that whatever surface you’re attaching it to, can safely hold the weight. The last thing you want is having to call an ambulance out and explain to them how you got in that situation.

As mentioned previously sex swings can come in a variety of materials such as nylon, wood, leather, canvas, and rubber. When picking the type of swing you want, take into consideration how often you’ll be using it and what material it is made of, as cleaning can become a bit of a chore.

Types of sex swings

There are a few options for the type of swing you can get yourself, and which one you pick will be dependant on the area you have free and what positions you plan on using it for. For beginners, we suggest something a lot simpler just so you can decide if this is something you do enjoy without having to spend loads of money and time on it.

Hanging ceiling swing

These types of swings hang directly from your ceiling or an overhead structure. The pros of using this type are that it can hang pretty much anywhere you want it to, with the only thing being on show afterwards is the hook, and I’m sure you can make up some excuse as to why you have a hook in your ceiling.

It offers a range of support so you can try out multiple positions. The two most popular ways to hang this swing is by using either a standard eye hook or a tie-down anchor. Both options will need an installation that requires research. You need to ensure you’re attached to a ceiling joist because they will be under some stress and weight, the last thing you want is for it to fall mid-motion.

We don’t recommend this type of swing for inexperienced couples, as mentioned before it does require a lot of knowledge and care to set up properly.

Hanging sex swing with stand

Like the hanging swing, this is pretty much the same style. This style offers a lot of versatility; you can freely get into multiple positions, and it’s great if you’ve outgrown the more standard over the door swings. The best part is that you can attach the swing to a free-standing mount that is relatively easy to assemble and can be packed away, so no one knows just how much fun you’re getting up to when that door closes. The stands are usually sold separately so you will need to do some research into what the best stand is for the type of hanging swing you own, as some may have different weight restrictions.

One of the main cons for using this style is that it does take up a lot of room. Unless you have space in your bedroom, you may need to take into consideration that it may need to be assembled somewhere else in your home.

Hanging spinning swings

Not much can be said on these that’s different from the general hanging swing, the only difference is these types can spin (the clue was in the title). These are great for experienced swing users, and you can get up to a lot of fun with one of these. You’ll be left feeling like you’ve done an intense work out after using a spinning swing, but its worth it.

Door swings

The best options for complete beginners as there’s not real assembly other than the basics. Using a door swing means you get a taste of what using swings are about without having to make modifications to your home or spending a lot of money. Unfortunately, door swings don’t offer much regarding the positions you can get in to, but like mentioned above, for beginners it’s great, and if you only really want to get into a few positions it’s the perfect choice for you.

Another pro for using a door swing it that it’s easy to pack away without a trace, particularly useful if you live in shared accommodation.

What you need to know before buying a sex swing

Before purchasing a sex swing, it’s important that you consider all of the following:


This is the most crucial element you need to take into consideration when shopping for a swing, especially if you’re plus size, or going to be using the swing with more than one person. Different swings have different weight limits, so shop about, and also add a little weight onto your actual weight to allow for the possibility that your partner may be bearing weight in certain positions.

Who is using it

Knowing who is going to be primarily using the swing is a factor you want to think about when picking one because you want a swing that that is easily adjustable. If just one partner will be using it, then adjustability doesn’t need to be a huge factor as it will be set to your partner’s weight.

If you plan on using multiple positions in one sitting, then again adjustability of the swing needs to be taken into consideration.


Where do you plan on using this swing? If you’ve decided you want a ceiling swing, then this step needs a lot of thought, as mentioned previously it needs to be attached to a secure and robust joist, and fitted correctly to avoid injury. With proper research and reading the installation instructions thoroughly, this step shouldn’t cause you too much hassle.


How much use is your swing going to get realistically? Some swings can be quite pricey on their own, let alone if you need to buy stands and fixtures, so think about how invested you are willing to be in this fantasy.

As said previously, if you are new to this, then picking a cheap and easier swing such as a door swing is the more effective way find out if you enjoy it without having to spend hundreds.


Let’s face it, in reality when you’re looking at buying a sex swing the last thing on your mind is how comfortable it is, but its something that should be. If you want a swing that can support you in multiple positions, you need one with a bit of padding just to ease the support of your body against those straps a little.


If there is just one particular position you’ll be using then it makes the process of picking a swing so much simpler. But if you plan on using multiple positions, then you need to ensure you choose one that can support all of your needs.

Sex swing positions

If you’re sold on a swing, or you’ve already purchased one but out of ideas for positions we’ve got a few ideas that should keep you busy for a while.

Doggy/from behind – This one works best with a hammock style swing rather than straps, but still doable with both. Not much explanation is needed for this one. Have the receiving partner in a bent over position on the swing, and the penetrating partner holding on the straps. Using the motion of the swing can ensure deep penetration.

This position is great for both vaginal and anal intercourse. You can always have the receiving partners legs wrapped around the waist of the penetrating partners for added fun.

Missionary – Ok the actual position is basic and well known, but when you’re sat in a swing this move no longer becomes boring. With the thrusting of your partner and the movement of the swing, this one will become a sure favourite. This particular position is also perfect for couples who are new to using a hanging swing, as its relatively simple to do.

Oral – This one is a real mind blower and a favourite amongst the male population. Have him sat back in the swing, holding his thighs for support, with your mouth around him, use the swinging motion for a bonus. This is a position that doesn’t tend to last long! This can also be used on women in the same way as mentioned, but its definitely more effective on the males.

Swinging cowgirl – Just like the original, have your partner lie on his back in the swing (hammock style), while you straddle him with your legs outside of the swing, using the movement of the swing to ride him all the way home. You can also have your partner sat up and swinging, this brings you a lot closer and gives more control of the movement.

69 – With one of you lying back in the straps, the other needs to lean over and get into position. This one is a crowd pleasure as it leaves everything open and easily assessable. Adding a bit of swing to the action is also super exciting.

The fidget spinner – This one was entirely new for us, and we had never heard of it, but once we had we were hooked (quite literally) With your partner lying on his back, get into you spinning swing, sit down on him and spin! I mean, there’s not much else to say, try it, and you’ll both love it. Word of warning, ensure you have plenty of lubricant.

Masturbation/foreplay – Sure, this isn’t a position, more like a bit of fun advice. Whether you’re a lone rider, want to get yourself off in front of your partner, or you want to spice your foreplay up a little, try mixing it up with the swing, in whatever position you please, sit back and enjoy.

Our favourite sex swings

Hopefully by now, you have a pretty good idea of what style you’re after, so we thought we’d share our favourites of each kind for you to take a look at, ranging in price and experience needed.

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing

Time to put a full 360 on your bedroom antics with this spinning swing. Every motion you get from swinging to spinning is absolute bliss with this. The straps are comfortable and padded for prolonged use and relatively easy to navigate around. You can finally get in all those positions you’ve wanted to try with ease as it holds you securely (if done correctly) in place.  

The frame is made from metal and not the cheap kind, its sturdy which adds to the experience as you won’t need to worry about it buckling under all that motion. The bar on the frame was a great touch and helps with stability in some of the positions you can get into. The set comes with the bolts you need to secure it to a beam/joist, so as long as you have the required tools, installation should be pretty easy to follow, even for a novice.

The weight limit is 350lb/25 stone, so perfect for pretty much any size. The straps are made from nylon and faux fur; they are also easily adjusted so you can switch it up pretty quickly. Even though this is one of the more pricey ones out there, its worth every penny.

best sex swing

Fetish Fantasy Yoga Sex Swing

Time to ditch that Sunday yoga class with your friends, and book in for the night class with your partner, every day of the week (if you can hack it!). This swing is one for the more experienced users. The straps are free flowing with hammock styles areas for your ankles and wrists, which are easily adjustable for the perfect position.

Show off all your yoga moves with a little help from your partner. With its 360 degrees spin, you get the feeling of being weightless and feel every move and stroke of your partner. The top of the frame has a metal bar for you to hold on to during your moves and also to help you get in and out of them. Although the straps are made from polyester, they’re incredibly comfortable and can take up to 300lbs in weight.

cheapest sex swing

Sportsheets Door Jam Swing

No longer do the couples who lack space have to go without fun. With this door swing, you’re guaranteed a good time with minimal effort into setting up. This set has weighted barbells that hook over any closed door to support you during your fun. All straps have a strong velcro to adjust yet hold you in place and handles to hold onto.

Unlike a lot of door swings, this one comes with a padded seat to support your bottom so that you get all the comfort of a standard swing, and the ability to have a prolonged play without discomfort. This is an excellent item if you’re new to swings or just wanting to expand your sex life, without having to spend too much.

Ann Summers Door Jam

Adults no longer have to miss out on all the swinging fun, especially with one of the ann summers swings. It has two bars that hook over a sturdy door, and the thigh and arm restraints flip over to the other side, and you’re good to go.

This set is the easiest to use, and easiest to hide. With its padded thigh straps that hold you in place with comfort and arm restraints that keep you up, there’s nothing that can get in the way of a swinging good time with your partner. All straps are adjustable to find that perfect position.

Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

Swing your troubles away with this incredible door swing. Don’t be fooled by thinking you can only use one position with a door swing, there are plenty you can get up to, and this one is the perfect one to try it with. Although it may seem fiddly at first, you’ll get used to it after one use.

Like other door swings the weighted barbells hook over the other side of a closed door then you’re good to go (or swing). This swing supports up to 300lb in weight and most heights, meaning no one is left behind. The straps are comfortable and padded so you can get long sessions on this without being uncomfortable. This swing is the easiest to move about in and felt the most sturdy out of the others. Perfect for all experiences.

Best sex slings

It doesn’t have to be all straps and restraints; you can enjoy the motion of a swing without all the ties. For people aren’t as comfortable and trusting with restraints, hammock-style swings are also an option (also known as slings). Or if some of the positions you’re interested in work better with a hammock swing then this is the best alternative.

Purple Reins

Maximum comfort and maximum pleasure, after using this those two things are an absolute guarantee. This sling is comfortable, lightweight, but as sturdy as the rest. It comes in a carry bag so it can easily be tucked away without causing attention to it. The frame attaches to a clip so it can be hung freely from wherever you decide to install it, with the bonus of easy removal.

If you’re still interested in using straps, but like the idea of the hammock style then this is the one for you. It comes with leg and arm restraints so you can switch up your play easily. Its made from nylon and leather, so it’s incredibly comfortable to be in.  The weight limit is 22 stone, and it can be used with a frame or hung from the ceiling.

Safety precautions

Due to the nature of a swing, please ensure you follow all installation instructions correctly. Please ensure that if you’re using a hanging ceiling swing that it is attached to a joist or beam that can support the weight and stress it will be under. Once installed correctly, do a quick safety check before each use, ensuring all straps and clips are attached correctly, and there’s been no wear and tear.

Please make sure that you take all weight off a strap that you want to adjust if you need to make adjustments when you’re in the swing and make sure your partner is always around to help. Once you’ve attached your hook or anchor to your ceiling (if using a hanging ceiling swing) do not remove and reattach as this will cause the hole to loosen and put you at high risk of falling.

To preserve your swing, look into getting a spring between your anchor point and mainframe as this will take pressure off your ceiling and also create more of a bounce.

Happy swinging!