Should You Keep The Lights On During Sex? Yes!

Speaking for the general female (and male) population, we all have insecurities about our bodies, from our ‘jiggly tummy’ to our ‘double chins’, and whos to blame you? It’s incredibly intimidating getting undressed in front of someone and feeling vulnerable, but that shouldn’t be a reason to turn those lights off when we’re getting turn on ourselves. By doing this, we’re taking away vital, sensual factors that can contribute to an almighty time between the sheets. Let go of those insecurities; your partner is with you for who you are, they’ve seen all you ‘bad’ parts, and they don’t care. In a mature, healthy relationship the parts you dislike about yourself shouldn’t be a reason to dull down the moment. The chances are that your partner has their insecurities that you’ve not even noticed nor care about, so don’t let yours get in the way of your fun. If you think back to some of your best sexual moments, most, if not all of them will be with a light on, where you got to explore each other’s bodies, so why keep them off? Here’s why you should be leaving the light on for one another.


The essential qualities to have a healthy, electric sex life is having that connection with one another. But taking away light can take that connection away from us, and who wants that? Being able to stare into your partner’s eyes and reading their body language will bring you both closer to one another, making that moment all the more personal and loving.

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You get to see

This is an obvious one, but it’s overlooked. How do you know what your partner likes if you cant see their reaction? Also, there’s nothing quite like seeing your partner get off to something you’re doing. There is also nothing worse than a person bumbling about not knowing what they’re doing, so keep those lights on so you can read of one another, and make sure you or your partner are working in the right direction. You can learn a lot by being able to see your partner; you’ll find out all their do’s and don’ts without having to ask.


Ok so the reason you most likely want the light off in the first place is due to lack of confidence in your own body, but keeping them on can post your body positivity. Seeing how your partner reacts to your body, your actions, and how he looks at you admiringly can massively increase your confidence and hopefully wipe some of those doubts you have in yourself away. So put those ‘flaws’ you perceive in yourself to bed and come away feeling ten times closer and happier.