Ultimate Guide To Silicone Vibrators

With so many choices of adult toys on the market, and different materials and shapes, there’s no wonder why it can be confusing picking your next toy. But there is a dominant material on the market, and its slowly taking over the manufacturers for all the right reasons; silicone.

If you own a silicone toy already, you’ll be familiar with how well built they are, and how easy they are to maintain, but if you’ve been unfortunate enough not to own one we’ve compiled all you need to know and the best around at the moment.

What is silicone

Let’s start with the material itself, as its handy to know what is in contact with your body, and whether or not its safe. Taking silicone back to its natural form would give you the element silicon (SI). Silicon is the second highest element found in the earth’s crust beside Oxygen but is not located in its basic form outside of there. It is more commonly found as silica (SiO2); this is when silicon has been combined with oxygen. To get to the silicone we know now, silica needs to be reduced down to silicon metal, then combined with siloxanes (altering silicon, oxygen, and carbon-hydrogen atoms) to create silicone.

Why pick silicone

Out of all the other sex toy materials such as plastic, metal, glass, why choose Silicone? Well, silicone is widely known for its fantastic durability (at least ten years!), its resistance to hot and cold temperatures and its non-porous finish meaning it’s waterproof; it also won’t oxidise.

Once you’ve found the silicone toy for you, you know that you never have to part ways. If you weren’t sold already, silicone can come in different forms, and its smooth to touch, meaning its all that more pleasing when being used in such sensitive areas.

Silicone is latex and phthalates free; this is because silicone is hypoallergenic, so no one has to go without.

What type of lubricant to use with silicone

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re big on using lubricant. Its a key component to anything that’s sex-related, and it also feels incredible. Picking the right lubricant is crucial when using adult toys, as each lubricant has been designed to work with different materials in different settings.

When using silicone toys you should always be using waterbased lubricants, as silicone lubricants can degrade the toy, and no one wants that.

If you’re ever unsure on what lubricants to use, we have a handy guide found here.

Different types of silicone vibrators

Because silicone is so versatile, it can be used to make many different types of adult toys such as vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, love eggs, and penis enlargers. So to narrow it down we’ve decided that this guide will be focused on the vibrating kind (the best kind if you ask me), for both him and her. So let’s jump on into the different types that are available.

Clitoral vibrators – We’ve condensed a few into one here as there are bullet vibrators, clitoral suction vibrators, and general clitoral vibrators. They’re all based around the same function with a few different aspects to focus on more defined points of vibration, but as a whole, they’re very similar, so generalising them into one category makes sense.

These type of vibrators are designed for external play and should never be inserted; they tend to be smaller, with a pinpoint area that admits those tremendous waves of pleasure we’re all so familiar with. Clitoral vibrators are great for someone who is new to sex toys, as they’re easy to use, lightweight, easy to hide, quieter than most, and also easily transportable.

Rabbit vibrators – Another product that is beginner friendly, yet won’t bore you. Rabbits have an external clitoris stimulator that emits sensational waves of vibrations, and an internal shaft to make the experience even more thrilling. Most are either rechargeable or battery powered (with a long life), waterproof, and relatively quiet, all combined create a fantastic time. Most rabbits have at least three vibration settings to choose from, so you can adjust the vibrations to suit your mood. If G-spot stimulation tickles your fancy, you can also get rabbits that are moulded to reach your G-spot, adding to an even more explosive climax.

Magic wands – The magic wand is the reigning champion in the world of orgasms due to its ability to make you climax in ways you didn’t think were possible. With its interchangeable head adapters that cater for all needs, there’s no wonder no other vibrator compares. Magic wands are typically either mains powered or rechargeable, either way; you won’t be left out of buzz. You can get a variety of attachments for your wand including ones that will hit your G-spot, ones that give you a bit of a flutter or an intense point, also ones that can be inserted either vaginal or rectal (another reason this is a favourite of many). You can pick an attachment for every day of the week, and for every mood you’re in.

Love eggs – If you’re not familiar with love eggs then we suggest you read this then head over to our guide on them because they’re a toy that deserves a place in your collection.

Not only are they great for solo play, but they’re also incredible for couple play, as you can pick yourself up a remote control love egg and hand the control over to your partner. Love eggs have quickly become a favourite due to the ability to wear one, go out in public and no one be any wiser (unless you make too much noise). Most come with a selection of patterns and speeds making them a great accessory to foreplay.

Vibrating knickers – That’s right, you read that correctly, you can get knickers that vibrate, and they are amazing. These incredible little vibrators fit into a small pouch in the knickers and send pulses of pleasure throughout. Perfect for seductive secretive play, you can hand the controls over to your partner and let them take control of all that clitoris stimulation.

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Silicone clitoral vibrators

As mentioned previously, quite a few come under this category so we’ve made sure you get a taste for all that’s out there (this section might be quite long).

Fifty Shades Freed Bullet Vibrator

This is a small, yet mighty vibrator worthy of coming first in the list. Compact but full of kick, this one will have you lying back and screaming in no time. Its no wonder it’s a Fifty Shades toy with the pleasurable vibrations it sends through you. This vibrator comes with an impressable seven patterns and three speeds to pick from, which is unusual for a bullet vibrator, you won’t want to put it down.

With all its amazing functions, you’ll most likely run the battery down on this one pretty quickly, but luckily its rechargeable and comes with a handy USB cable so you can charge when you’re on the go. With the vibrator you get a beautiful purple silk carry case to keep things discreet, it also has a hand travel lock, so you don’t need to worry about it being switched on during transportation. The Fifty Shades Freed Bullet Vibrator is 100% waterproof for water play.

Lovense Ambi Bullet Vibrator

This vibrator is an MLP favourite, so much so that it got is own review (really, its that good!). With its hammer-like look, it posses all the force of thors hammer itself. Once linked with the Lovense App, you’ll uncover the unlimited supply of vibration patterns which will leave you in bed for weeks (through your own choice). Vibrations rumble out through every point of this mini vibrator so you can choose how you receive your thunderous climax. The Ambi is USB rechargeable so you can take it on the go, and also waterproof for that bathtime play. The Lovense app is compatible with iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch iOS 9.0 and later; Android 4.3 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled); Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled); Windows PC (with a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adaptor), so no one gets left behind.

Womanizer W500 Clitoral Stimulator

When the womanizer W100 was released, we thought it wouldn’t be able to be topped, then out of nowhere came the W500. The W500 has quickly become a top seller worldwide, and there’s no surprise why. It now has eight settings of intensity to choose from, from the softest touch to the more powerful, meaning it’s more adaptable to the mood you’re in, and if you’re using it for foreplay, solo, or couple play it can be easily switched up. The waves of vibrations it lets out, twinned with the light suction makes for an explosive climax, there’s no doubt that this is a high-class toy. Suction top replacements are included with this, as well as a USB charger for worldwide use, and storage bag. Try adding some waterbased lubricant around the edge of the cup to intensify those vibrations. Although the W500 is waterproof, it is advised that you don’t leave it submerged underwater for too long, not that anyone tends to last long with it.

Lelo Sona Cruise Clitoral Stimulator

Another favourite, and another that has its own solo review, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll see why. If you want to read our full review of the cruise, you can find it here.

The Cruise was made with females in mind, rather than money. The shape fits perfectly in your hand, the variations in vibrations hit every need you may have (it has 8 to pick from), and the suction just tops it all off. Unlike the W500, the Cruise is fully waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about how long it’s been submerged. It comes with a gorgeous little carry bag, USB charger cable, and even a sample of lubricant, so you have no excuse not to use any. If baby pink isn’t your colour choice, they offer a few other colour choices, not that colour matters when you’ve gone from 0-100 in a few seconds.

Rianne S Heart Clitoral Vibrator

Time to wear your heart in your hand with this gorgeous clitoral vibrator by Rianne S. If you’re looking to buy a vibrator as a gift then this has to be the one. Everything about this is made to please, from design to its impressive three speeds and seven patterns of vibrations. Its smooth to touch, and glides over all the right places with ease, and even better when you add a little-waterbased lubricant. The design is so subtle you could leave it out in plain sight, and no one would even notice it. The Rianna S is perfect for bringing away with you on that business (or pleasure) trips, its small enough to tuck away and comes with a USB charger. Unfortunately, the Rianne is not waterproof but is splashproof.

Lelo Siri 2 Clitoral Vibrator

This vibrator may look simple in design, but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in power. The Lelo Siri 2 has eight settings that are all set to musical rhythms; whether it be classical or hip-hop you’re into it’ll have you hitting notes you didn’t think was possible. It also has a Ninth setting which is entirely personal and will pick up its vibrations from surrounding noises, so either your partner’s voice or music of your own choice, again this is a massive pleaser. Each setting has its own vibration speed range so that you can fit the beat around your personal preference. The Siri 2 is perfect for taking on your travels as it small, USB chargeable, and has its travel lock so no accidentally switch on when you’re on the go. Just in case you weren’t already sold, the Lelo Siri comes with a ten-year warranty and its own personal lubricant, so again, no excuses not to use any.

Silicone rabbits

Ahh, the rabbit, an all-around pleaser for all ranges of experience. Functional yet fun, they are a staple toy in any bedroom. If you don’t have one already, you’ll be ordering yourself one; you can’t go without one any longer. And hopefully, there’s one here that takes your fancy.

Dream Rabbit Vibrator

Talk about a toy that has everything you need in one. It’s no wonder its called the dream, as its something you could only imagine in your wildest dreams. Boasting ten vibration functions that range from three ear speeds, seven ear patterns, and three shaft speeds, all of which leave you quivering with pleasure in no time. Not to mention this dream rabbit is waterproof for some bathtime excitement, what more could you want? Battery operated rather than mains so you can take it where you please, and the battery life is brilliant. Add some waterbased lubricant to heighten your pleasure. The Dream rabbit has an insertable length of 5.5 Inches, and a diameter of 1.5 inches.

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best silicone rabbit

Nalone Wave Rabbit Vibrator

If you’re after a high-class quality climax, then this is hands down the rabbit for you. We’ve never come across a rabbit, let alone toy that has so much to offer. This rabbit is a dual action rabbit with separate controls for the vibrating ears and another set of controls for the thrusting shaft(Wow!). The head of the shaft has its own unique seven patterns of vibrations to mimic the movement of sex, whereas the clitoral stimulator has its own five speeds and patterns there’s no wonder this is a top seller. The Nalone wave has an insertable length of 6 inches and a circumference of 4.75 inches, not to mention its waterproof for some wet play, and has its own travel safe lock for transportation, what more could a girl want?

We-Vibe Nova G-spot Rabbit

Well, this is a rabbit that does all the hard work for you (or your partner). The We-Vibe Nove is in a class of its own, with its curved shaft that sends waves of pleasure through to you G-spot while maintaining clitoral stimulation with its arches vibrating external tip. You have ten patterns of vibration and speeds to pick to tailor to your needs, combined with its flexible shaft that moves with your body; this toy will quickly become a favourite. Want to know the best part? Connect your rabbit to the We-Vibe app to unlock your rabbit into a remote-controlled rabbit, why not hand over the controls to your partner and see what mischief they get up to. Another great feature of the app is that it can be accessed anywhere in the world, meaning your partner can have all the control, while their away on a business trip. To top it off, you can also create your very own unique pattern within the app, alongside access to more patterns and speeds of vibrations, again, tailored to your every need. The We-Vibe has an insertable length of 4.75 inches, its waterproof and rechargeable.

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

If a toy comes under the name of fifty shades of grey, then you know it’s going to hold some unique qualities, and there’s no exception with the greedy girl. With an incredible 36 vibration patterns and speed combinations (some are whisper quiet), you’ll never go tiresome. The shaft has separate patterns of vibrations (nine of them) and three speeds to pick from that send waves of pleasure through you G-spot, giving you that whole body climax. If that wasn’t enough, the rabbit ears that tenderly see to your clitoris while the shaft does its job, have their own unique three speeds of vibration for you pick from, you’ll be feeling like a kid in candy shop. The greedy girl has an insertable length of 5.25 inches, a circumference of 4.25 inches, rechargeable and submersible.

Silicone wands

The magic wand, initially a massager and now a favourite within the sex toy scene, and once you’ve tried it you’ll see why. Wands look rather simple in design, but what sets them aside is the ability to add attachments to the head to provide different types of pleasure. We’ll include some at the bottom of this section.

Lelo Smart Wand Large Rechargeable Vibrator

Winner of the 2013 Red Dot Design Award for Excellence in Product Design and once you’ve tried it you’ll see why. The Lelo smart wand has eight settings to pick from, each one customisable to tailor your own needs; the possibilities are endless. Because of its silicone design, with some waterbased lubricant, it glides effortlessly over your body bringing pleasure to wherever it touches. If you’re anything like us, you won’t want to put it down, and lucky for you-you don’t, it’s 100% waterproof and cordless so you can bring it anywhere you want. What sets the Lelo wand apart from all the others is that it responds to touch for a customised vibration intensity, unlike any we’ve seen before and a feature that makes it one of our favourites at MLP. The Lelo wand its rechargeable and comes with the cable, a luxurious satin bag, and ten years warranty.

best silicone wand

Desire Luxury Magic Wand Vibrator

The Desire has the look of a traditional magic wand but holds the power of something else, which is unlike the others. It holds the power of 20 different patterns of vibrations, each with their own five levels of speeds, so you get exactly what you need in the moment. It’s one of the quietest wands on the market at the moment so you can still get your kicks even when you have visitors. Worried about someone stumbling across it? Don’t be; it comes with its a locking zip case so you can charge your wand in the comfort of knowing it won’t be discovered. Another brilliant function of the desire wand is that it has its lock button, so you won’t accidentally turn it on during transportation (because this is a toy you’ll want to bring everywhere with you). Unfortunately, this wand isn’t waterproof as it is mains charged.

Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Couple’s Gift Bundle

If you’re looking to make your solo play some couple play, then this is the set you want. With interchangeable adjustments for him and her, 20 incredible vibrations patterns to pick from, and five speeds to pick this wand will quickly become a foreplay staple in minutes. This product is mains powered so not waterproof. As mentioned previously we wanted to talk about the attachments, and this has two great attachments for the wand, One being the male stroker, textured for added pleasure just use some waterbased lubricant, slip it on while it’s attached to the wand, and watch your partner find their new favourite toy. The second attachment is the G-spot stimulator, that sends vibrations up to you g-spot giving you that world-famous climax. There are plenty of accessories available for wands (just check the compatibility), but these happen to be the best for couples play.

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Love eggs and kegel balls

If you’re familiar with our site, you would have hopefully read our article on love eggs¬†and our article on kegel balls and you’ll soon understand why we’re such a fan of both of them.

Setting aside how great they feel, we’re all for a toy with health benefits, and it also means we can use the excuse that we’re using it for ‘exercise’. Any toy that is going to enhance sexual intercourse is a toy we’re willing to own.

Amour Love Egg

If you’ve ever tried this love egg, then you’ll know it was made with females needs in mind. Not only is it a pleasure to look at (and comes in the cutest box), but its also a pleasure to play with, either solo or during foreplay. The Amour has an impressive seven patterns of vibrations, each with five different speeds to pick from meaning you can customise you climax. The love egg is textured to heighten your pleasure when its sat up against your G-spot, which it does amazingly, especially when you add some waterbased lubricant. The remote control is the shape of a heart which makes it a perfect valentines gift and gives the whole set a real girly look. If used during foreplay you can hand over the controls to your partner who can have all the fun watching you react to those intense vibrations. USB rechargeable and with a travel lock so it can come wherever you go. The egg is waterproof so you can take your foreplay to the tub if you please, it has an insertable length of three inches, a circumference of 4.3 inches, and the removal cord is easily accessible without fear of losing it.

best silicone love egg

Adrien Lastic Remote Control Egg Vibrator with Clitoral Stimulator

This is a love egg like no other, in a league of its own, who knew that such a small vibrator could cause so much pleasure? Not us. Although the egg is one of the smaller ones out there (56g, perfect for beginners), it doesn’t hold the qualities of a beginners toy. The curved arm reaches around for perfectly blended clitoral stimulation that matches the rhythm of vibrations coming from the egg itself against your G-spot. You have ten fantastic patterns to pick from all of which are discreet for that secretive play. We’ve said it over and over, but this toy does need lubricant to take it to a whole new level of pleasure (trust us, we tried, we loved). Like all love eggs, this one is also remote control making foreplay all that more excitable, and also USB rechargeable. The Adrien comes with a travels bag to keep things hidden from unwanted finders, and not to mention an insertable length of three inches, and a circumference of 4.5 Inches.

Nalone Miu Miu Vibrating Kegel Balls

We never knew exercise could be so pleasurable until we tried the Miu Miu kegel balls, wow! This is the meaning behind guilt-free pleasure, knowing that you can get off with the seven patterns of vibrations, all while working your pelvic floor muscles and not having to leave the bedroom. The Nalone grows with your experience with the balls starting off at 56g and then up to 68g when you add the silver weight at the end of the retrieval cord. If you fancy spicing up your foreplay, you can hand the controls over to your partner, and they can get you off from up to ten metres away.

The kegel balls are waterproof for water play, have an insertable length of three inches, a circumference of four inches, and are USB rechargeable.

best silicone kegel ball

Please note that all love eggs and kegel balls are for vaginal use only.

Remote control vibrating knickers

These are trending right now, and we’re expecting to see a lot more choice over the next year, and that’s because of how thrilling these little pleasure pebbles can be. They are perfect for discreet play, so we couldn’t miss them off the list. If you’ve not heard of these, or just want a little more information check out our full article here.

OhmiBod Club Vibe 3.OH Remote Control Vibrating Knickers

The OhmiBod had to make it on this list because it’s not quite like the others regarding what it has to offer. Like most vibrating knickers, it has the small insert that emits pulses of vibrations giving your that well-known intensity of pleasure, but what sets it aside from the other it’s the mode of play. You have Three modes to pick from, the first being the groove mode that offers five patterns of play to pick from. Secondly is the club mode, this mimics the beat of the songs of your choice, this is particularly good if you have a special song between you and your partner. Thirdly is the tease mode, this mode is our favourite because it vibrates to the sound of your partner’s voice which is such a turn on. The knickers are included in the set, so you don’t need to worry about finding a suitable pair. The control is wireless so you can either be in control or your partner can. It is also USB rechargeable which is handy for when you want to take it away.

silicone knickers

Adrien Lastic Mr Hook Rechargeable Double Motor Clitoral Vibrator

Lastly and not through any reason is the Adrien hook. Doesn’t look like the conventional vibrating knickers you see on the market but works the same, the only difference is that it’s on a harness that you wear meaning you can match it with any pair on knickers you please. This is one of the more powerful knicker vibrators out there because of its dual motors that kick out some amazing vibrations. You’re spoilt for choice between ten different patterns, not only that, but there’s a little bonus to this, the ‘hook’. The hook aspect slides inside and rests on your G-spot, while the bulbed front sits on your clitoris, bringing that blended pleasure we all know and love. Like the other, its remote controlled for either solo or coupled play and has an insertable length of 2.25 inches.

silicone knicker vibrator