Taking Sex Out Of The Bedroom

Having sex with your partner can become part of a routine, once you’ve both finished everything you needed to do, you climb into bed and sometimes, if you’re not tired, you make love. Is it laziness? Is it lack of inspiration? Whatever your reasoning is for sticking with a routine, we’re here to shake it up a little by igniting your imagination to the possibilities of having sex outside of the bedroom.

Around the house

Using your house as your playground is a great way to edge yourself into being a bit more adventurous with your sexual activities, so why not use the comfort of your own home. Next time you’re in the kitchen doing chores, try slipping off your underwear and inviting your partner to come help you. Or next time your partner has a shower, why not jump in with them and let things get wet and wild. If shower sex has tickled your fancy, we have an excellent guide on ensuring no injuries occur, which you can find here.

Sex on the stairs is another great location around the house for some fun, pick yourself up some handcuffs and tie each other to the bannister, or use the stairs as a way to prop yourself up while being bent over. Soon you’ll be looking at your house in a completely different way, searching for some enjoyable spots to continue your fun.


Venturing outside can be daunting to some, but also has a potential for some thrill, the idea of being caught can send your passion through the roof. When we talk about making love outside we don’t necessarily mean out in the open for everyone to see, this can be done hidden somewhere on a beach, or in a tent, or even in your back garden, as long as you’re not exposing yourself to others why not try spicing things up outside. Try driving up to a special place with your partner and relive those teenage moments, or take a walk into a forest and have your partner push you up against a tree. Whatever is comfortable enough for you, even if it’s quick and simple, it will still be a massive thrill and will most importantly bring you and your partner a lot closer to one another.

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