The Art of Female Masturbation

Whether you’re entirely new to this, or a pro who just wants some ideas to switch it up a bit, female masturbation is not something to be ignored. Male masturbation has been spoken about almost openly since I can remember, even during Sex Ed we learned about male masturbation, but nothing on female masturbation (we were given a leaflet and told to take a look in the mirror). But luckily, times are changing, and female masturbation is something that is starting to get the spotlight it deserves, finally. Masturbation isn’t a subject to be shy about; it’s something that should make you feel empowered and confident in your own body, be proud of what you do and how you accomplish it. But just in case you need a little help along the way to an orgasm, we’ve got all the tips to help you.
If you’re new to this, then we suggest starting with what you have. Masturbation doesn’t need to involve sex toys when we’ve been given the perfect tools to do the job (although toys can make it more enjoyable). Even if you decide not to use toys, Water-based lubricant is an absolute must. Using lubricant will help with arousal, ensure you don’t get any accidental injuries and make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. So let’s delve a little deeper into the different ways to reach that climax.

Clitoral Stimulation

Starting with one of the more obvious choices, this is an all-around pleaser, and one of the best places to start. Using your fingers (however many you like) rub the clitoris in a circular motion, using as much or as little pressure as you prefer, add some lubricant and it will feel ten times more arousing. If your clitoris is sensitive, you can find slightly numbing lubricants that may ease the sensitivity for you, if that doesn’t work, there are toys such as the Desire Clitoral vibrator which has different speeds and patterns which you’ll find more manageable.

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Another way to climax through clitoral stimulation is grinding, which is another popular method where you rub your vulva against a hard surface (such as a pillow). This one can be tricky, but luckily there are plenty of toys out there if this is your prefered method. The best toy for this is the Lelo Smart Wand, placed on something slightly raised you can achieve the perfect climax by grinding and letting those vibrations do their magic.

Internal vaginal stimulation

Whether this is by using your fingers, or a toy, this is another popular choice. A lot of women will get a lot of pleasure just through something entering the vagina, and putting pressure on the G spot (located between the bladder and cervix). Although you will naturally make lubricant with this method, adding some water-based lubricant, to begin with, will make the sensation all that more sensual. If you can’t climax with just insertion alone, adding clitoral stimulation to the mix will make for a wild time. If all this seems a bit too handy and overwhelming, there are toys specifically for this such as the G-Kiss, so you can sit back (or lie back) and let it do all the hard work for you, with the same, if not more pleasure. If you’re not keen on G-spot stimulation, using a Love egg can be a real pleaser and a great substitute (check out our Love egg guide here).

Anal Stimulation

Although a woman’s G-spot isn’t located here, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some anal play. Using a Butt Plug with a generous amount of lubricant, and clitoral stimulation can bring you to an extraordinary climax. Anal stimulation isn’t something a beginner can just jump straight into, preparation is vital, and you need to ensure you’re using the right toy and the right size. But once you’ve got the knowledge and the correct equipment, this method is an absolute joy. If this is something you’re interested in, we have a full guide on how to use a butt plug┬ásafely and our best recommendations found here which goes into depth on the whole process. Preparation can seem like a bit of a chore, but if using anal toys is something that you’ve got your eyes on then it’s a step you can’t miss.

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