The BEST Guide To Using Coconut Oil As Lubricant – Tips, Advise And Guidance

If you’re a sensual person by nature and enjoy intimacy and personal time with your partner then prepare yourself for some of my insight on tips and products that will surely enhance your sex life. It’s likely that using coconut oil as lubricant never even crossed your mind!

Enjoying your intimacy is important for maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner while also helping to instill a sense of adventure between you and your significant other.

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of sexual encounters and needless to say have learned a thing or two about sexual positions, accessories, and health. In an effort to help others elevate their “sex game” I’ve prepared this guide to help answer the many questions that people have regarding the use of coconut oil for lubrication.

Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil – Great for Personal Lube But Can You Use Coconut Oil For Anal Sex?

Starting off, I’d like to discuss the “use” of lube as it’s the premise for ensuring that intercourse is pleasurable for both me and my husband (and for you and yours). Finding a lubricant that’s accommodating to both partners can lead to a “trial and error” process as some lubricants don’t provide as much ease as others.

As you can imagine, a lubricant that lacks the ability to provide an ongoing, resistance-free experience can be painful for both parties, especially when engaging in anal sex.

After learning about the use of coconut oil as anal lube from a friend who’s a sexual education instructor – I did some research online about this natural lubrication solution to see what others were saying. To the surprise of both my husband and I, it seemed that there were many other sexually-active partners turning to the use of coconut oil as an alternative to traditional lubricants.

There are many benefits to replacing your traditional lubricant with coconut oil. Some of the many benefits of using coconut oil include:

  • Contains natural antibacterial properties

  • Considered to be the best lubricant for anal sex

  • Water-based solution makes intercourse pain-free

  • Natural antifungal ingredients

  • Lasts for extended periods of time unlike other lubricants (no need for frequent reapplication)

  • Ideal for those with sensitive skin or for those with skin conditions

  • Massages (the warming feeling I get when my husband rubs be down with it is heavenly)

Using coconut oil-based lubricant for anal sex or, sex in general, will improve the intimate experience for couples as the coconut oil omits a beautiful natural aroma while also providing the sexual partners with a sensational feeling that in all honesty is a bit difficult to explain in words. Similar to that of the KY warming jelly, using coconut oil as lube causes an incredibly warm tingling sensation that really elevates the pleasure derived from anal intercourse.

On the nights where me and my husband decide to be a bit adventurous, coconut oil is our lube-of-choice as it provides the perfect combination of lubrication duration and sensation in to one, all natural, easy-to-apply lubrication.

Which Coconut Oil Should I Choose As A Lubricant?

When it comes to coconut oil there’s no shortage of options. If you’re still on the fence about making the switch to coconut oil – let me tell you that once you try it, you’ll never look back! My husband and I started using coconut oil nearly 6 months ago and at first we only used it during anal copulation.

As a few weeks went by, we noticed that usage of our traditional lubrication diminished as the coconut oil enhanced our intimacy in such ways that we never thought possible. What couples will first appreciate about using coconut oil is that it’s beautifully scented, easier to manage (in terms of cleaning/wiping away), and actually more affordable.

Using coconut oil has provided our intimate life with a much-needed revival and has permitted us to be more sexually adventurous than ever before. Since a majority of the lubricants that we’ve used in the past didn’t allow us to perform various sexual positions (due to poor-quality ingredients), coconut oil has been our go-to lubrication of choice since we first started using it.

Enough of the chatter, let’s move on to some of the coconut oils that I highly recommend you should consider checking out.

Coconut Merchant – 1-Litre Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

One of the top-rated coconut oils for personal lubricant is the extra-virgin, premium grade Ceylon coconut oil. Produced by “Coconut Merchant”, this was the first product that I and my husband used for anal intercourse. While there are many variations of coconut oil products available, what caught our eye about this particular product is that it’s manufactured through a process that cold-presses raw coconut flesh.

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What this essentially means is that because it’s 100% organic, it contains all of the vital nutrients that that are needed to make sex more pleasurable, easier, and safer. If you’re like me and have sensitive skin in the areas that matter, the “Coconut Merchant” oil will make anal intercourse easier by moisturizing and lubricating the applied area to a perfect level every time.

Optima Organic, Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

Next on my list of suggested oils for lubrication leads us to the “Optima Organic Coconut Oil” – one of the best coconut oils that I’ve used! You may be wondering why I’m suggesting two separate coconut oils when they’re both 100% organic but there’s one major key difference between the oil produced by “Optima” and the one manufactured by “Coconut Merchant”.

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While the first coconut oil reviewed above works great, this brand’s coconut oil I found to have a more potent coconut smell, which I believe is attributed to the highly concentrated amount of coconut flesh used during production. Let’s face it, intercourse, albeit common sex positions or those involving anal practices, at times can cause unpleasant odors.

Sometimes, these odors can be attributed to nothing more than body sweat but dealing with such smells can adversely impact the magical moments during times of intimacy.

Because of this, I’ve been using the “Optima” coconut oil more frequently with my husband and using the “Coconut Merchant” oil only during solo masturbation. Literally, the coconut oil put out by Optima is quite strong, very potent, and is best used by couples who want a lubrication solution that will override any unwanted smells or odors.

Can I Use Coconut Oil For Vaginal Dryness?

As embarrassing as it is to admit, even as a young-aged woman (mid 20’s), there has been occasions where I’ve experienced vaginal dryness which can and will make intercourse/masturbation quite irritable. The use of coconut oil for vaginal dryness is certainly the fastest, most convenient, and safest approach to curing vaginal dryness. Dryness can occur among any female regardless of age and is caused in response to the lack of an insufficient amount of lubrication in the cervix. Should intercourse occur during vaginal dryness spells the issue could persist and cause inflammation of the vaginal walls (which can be very painful).

Aside from coconut oil serving as a better, all-around lubrication; it also serves a dual-purpose in that you can utilize the nutrients founds in the oil to treat, moisturize, and soothe any inflammation, swelling, or dryness of the vaginal area. While the use of a traditional lubricant would provide a temporary easement of dryness, it wouldn’t help to ease the problem itself.

With coconut oil you won’t need to worry about applying any other forms of treatment or solutions as the naturally-found ingredients contained within the oil will work on an ongoing basis to alleviate vaginal dryness. Since coconut oil contains both antibacterial and antifungal properties, it’s a safe and effective approach to treating dryness of the vagina and will keep you from experiencing surprises in the bedroom.

While it’s something that I’ve experienced only a handful of times, during the times that I did, it took only a fingernails worth of the oil being massaged in to my vaginal area for relief to begin.

It’s a quick, soothing, and fast-acting solution providing near-immediate vaginal dryness relief. What more could a girl ask for?

What’s The Best Coconut Oil For Massages?

There’s nothing like the feeling of a sensually stimulating massage. The warm tingling sensation of the coconut oil being massaged down my back and into the buttocks provides irresistible sexual desires and urges that typically don’t overcome me. The sweetened aroma of the coconut combined with a sex-driven rubdown will have you craving nothing more than what you want most (I’ll let you decide that).

If you and your partner want to add an extra kick to your intimacy and want to enhance the pleasure factor like me and my husband have, then use coconut oil for pre-sex massages.

There’s no doubt that exchanging massages with your partner will make the both of you more receptive to senses, feelings, touches, and urges and will result in unimaginably better climaxes. Coconut oil is the best candidate for exchanging massages as its texture allows for one to massage it in the partner’s skin effortlessly and will cause a warm, tingle-like effect that will enhance sexual intercourse and foreplay.

ArtNaturals Argan Massage Coconut Oil

The ArtNatural Premium massage oil offers the best of both worlds to couples as it’s rich in the nutrients that your body and skin need but also helps to initiate intimate desires in a very unique way. Personally, we’ve chosen this as our favorite massage oil as it’s scent-free and since we use scented coconut oil lubricant after massages this is best as we don’t want there to be an over empowering smell of coconut.

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When it comes to ArtNatural, I have nothing but positive responses with their product as for one, it’s fragrance-free (as I mentioned above) but is also free of preservatives, is non-greasy, is non-comedogenic and doesn’t leave stains (even if a generous amount were to spill or rub off on your sheets).

Their coconut oil is a bit thicker than lubricant which means you can use less of the product to massage more. With a near 5-star ranking and being sold at an unbeatably low price, it’s the best coconut oil to purchase to take your massages up a notch, or two.

It’s my sincere hope that my write up will help to enhance your sexual affairs. There are many great coconut oil products available and the ones best used for lubrication and massages are all conveniently provided here for you.

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