Top Tips For Bringing In The New Year With A Bang – 2018 Edition


So now 2017 is behind us, and Valentines is just around the corner, why not finally make your wildest dreams into a reality? A new year doesn’t have to mean new you, it can also mean new adventures in the bedroom. Let’s get rid of those cobwebs, bin those old panties you’ve been holding onto, and start the new year fresh and exciting. From sex toys to confidence, we’ve got the best tips to help you on your journey to finding what really makes you tick in the bedroom.

1. Try something new

Like many of us, we fall into a routine, maybe only making time to be intimate with our partners at weekends, or when you’re both not exhausted from work and household chores. So why not bring that spark back with trying something entirely new. We have many guides to help ease you into exploring other aspects such as using toys, bondage, and role play. Talk to your partner and see what they have in mind to see if together you can mix both your fantasies. And who knows, something you’d only dreamed about might become your next normality, not to mention you’ll feel closer to your partner after sharing something you’re so excited about.

2. Buy yourself that toy you’ve always wanted

Had your eye on a toy you’ve wanted to try but been too afraid to purchase? Then look no further, we have all of the best toys going around at the moment, and even categorised into your experience level. 2017 brought us the year of normalising the use of toys in the bedroom, so don’t feel afraid, everyone’s doing it! Whether you want to do it alone or with your partner, get yourself over to Lovehoney, and place your order. They’re all easy to use, and get delivered very discreetly, so even your postman won’t know what put that grin on your face!

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3. Communicate your desires

So you’ve got something in mind which you want to try, now’s the time to vocalise it with your partner. Or maybe you have to finally do what your partner has been asking to do for months. Either way make it known what your limits are, and how you want to do things. Make sure you research what you’re deciding to try, and that you don’t rush into anything you’re not comfortable with. The only way to reach maximum pleasure and fun in the bedroom is to be comfortable with what you’re doing. We also have beginners guides to help you and your partner along the way. Remember, it’s ok to say no.

4. Take control, or not

Are you always more submissive in the bedroom? Or are you the more dominant one? Why not try switching it up? This is one way to change your experience in the bedroom entirely. Not only can this be fun, but it can also be a massive confidence boost for both of you. If you’re naturally quite shy in the bedroom, this will definitely ensure that all your needs get met, but it also teaches your partner what you like and don’t like, in an indirect way. And we guarantee your partner will love this just as much as you do. There’s nothing quite like seeing a girl in charge!

5. Give yourself a confidence boost

So, we’ve all been there, its January and we feel like we’ve doubled in weight since Christmas, and we’re still binging on the leftover chocolates, not to mention the alcohol consumption. All this can make us feel pretty undesirable and can result in our own lack of confidence. So this is the perfect time to go out, get pampered, and buy yourself some new lingerie, because we all know how powerful we feel when we’ve got something special on underneath. Nothing will restore your confidence quite like seeing yourself looking absolutely incredible in that lingerie set you’ve had your eye on since before Christmas.

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6. Keeping yourself healthy

When you think of your sex life, the last thing you think of is your mental and physical health. But having a happy mind, and a healthy body will work wonders for your sex drive. We’re all guilty of having a terrible work/home life balance, so take a step back and look at what is causing your stress, and find ways to unwind. Eating well will also increase your performance and attitude in the bedroom. Eating regular healthy meals, and not binging before bed (we’re all guilty of that!) will stop you feeling sluggish and tired, because that’s bound to be playing a part in just wanting to roll over and go to sleep. Ditching those cigarettes will also increase the sensation of your clitoris and vaginal walls, as smoking affects the blood flow, and also, if your partner smokes, try encouraging him to give up as it also affects males.

Remember, you don’t have to tick every one of these off the list, especially if you’re not comfortable with doing some of them. Its just as effective taking those baby steps if that what makes you feel the most confident. Just changing your normal sexual position to something different can be enough to boost your sex life.

Now go out, take charge, and most importantly enjoy your new sex life!