The Ultimate Guide to Safe Shower Sex

There is something exciting about the idea of jumping in the shower with your partner for a quickie, but the reality is that one person ends up cold, and the other ends up with a face full of water, or worse, soap in their eyes. With a mixture of soap, water, and some dodgy positions, this is a recipe for disaster. And there’s plenty of horror stories around to confirm this, just ask around if you dare! So we’re here to help you turn that frisky fantasy into a (safe) reality. Here is our guide on safe shower sex.

Preparation Is Key For Safe Shower Sex

Like with most things, preparation is vital, but don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be mood killer, just keep a few things in mind before you start.

Water Temperature

The last thing you want is to find a good position, be deep in the moment, and then accidentally change the temperature hot or cold; this can spoil the moment and leave you both leaping out the shower. So make sure you’re in a position that isn’t going to knock anything.

Soap In The Shower

It’s fun having a bit of foreplay with soap, having your partner wash all those ‘hard to reach’ places, but just remember that just like getting soap in your eyes can be painful, it can also be painful in other areas, especially if you have quite sensitive skin. Not to mention soap and water make shower surfaces extra slippy, so once you start just ensure you’re in a firm position with something to hold on to.

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Best Lube To Use In The Shower

So any natural lubricant that is usually made during intercourse will most likely be washed away, so to keep things comfortable bring some lube in with you. But make sure you use the correct lube, as some can make things even more slippery, and not the fun kind. Don’t go for oil or water-based lube in the shower, the oil just makes things a hell of a lot more slippy, and water-based tends to wash away quickly. The best lube to use in the shower is a silicone-based lubricant, if you can, as it’s water-resistant, so it’s won’t wash away easily. Make sure you only use a small amount though, and that you’re aware of any spillages.

Best Positions For Safe Shower Sex

This doesn’t have to be the time that you try all those moves you’ve had your eye on, and a lot of the time shower sex is usually a quickie, so go with something you know that’s safe. Some of the most popular positions are bent over against a wall or sitting positions. These are all fun, but still effective!

Final Verdict

If you’re still not sold on shower sex, just remember that being naked and intimate with your partner in the shower doesn’t mean you necessarily have to have sex there. The shower is an excellent place for foreplay, with the warm temperature, and massaging; there’s no reason why you both can’t hop in between the sheets to finish what you started. Why not try bringing some of those toys you’ve got lying about to ramp up the excitement too?

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